Teagan   Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
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I play CsGo when i feel the need that a smurf or hacker must take my rank away or a salty russian kid screaming and team killing me.

Arma3 I play when i want to just have a chilled time but always starts with put your hands in the air or you will be shot or get wrecked by this 26 year old living in his mother's house crouching above your head and telling me that im a noob.

PUBG is when i feel like running towards a guy and trying to kill him with an AKM and he runs up with an pan and kills me.

Rust i like to play when i got free time to farm for a few hours then go to bed and come back and my base is wiped from the face of the earth.

So i usually just sit on teamspeak listening to the music bot and thinking wich new game i want to buy.


**UPDATE** (20/9/2018)
Still have not found a new game.
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