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I'm not really a gamer, but I enjoy city builders! I especially like making theme and map combinations for CSL...

Most of my maps start with a terrain map. Most of my maps are inspired by locations in the US. This is not because I am a huge fan of the US, but because those cost-free terrain maps have the highest quality resolution. I don't try to make an exact reproduction of the area. I don’t care for highly decorated maps and I try leave the bulk of the decorating up to you. I do tend to use a lot of trees and vegetation except in obvious development areas.

I create themes for each map using Google Earth as a color and texture guide for that specific location. My earlier themes used low resolution textures, although most of those themes have a couple of key, higher resolution textures such as the water. Because of the low resolution, you may notice some pixelation when you zoom closer ground level. In order to get the dramatic color and texture shifts I strive for, some textures get minimum tiling and you may notice this in some earlier themes. The end result of the early themes was a low overhead, usually less than 60Mb. I think the typical user is already bogged down with the program, mods and assets and adding a 200+Mb theme to the mix taxes their machines. It was a compromise, but current themes are shifting to higher resolutions. I am tinkering with extremely high resolution textures for my own use just to see how far I can push it, but I work on spiffy graphics/video editing workstation that can handle the overhead. You can of course use my themes on any map, but you probably will not be pleased with the results. Each theme is tweaked to work on a particular map and I try to gather textures from that specific geographical area. That is to say that the amount of cliff, grass, or ruined area may vary significantly on another map and the theme results with a different map may not be so pleasing.

Some theme/map pairs may have an accompanying LUT. For the most part, one can control color, contrast and other esthetics in the theme editor and image editing software, without the need for a LUT in game play. In some cases it is very difficult to accomplish this inside a theme that does not have complimenting colors such as the desert biome with a lot of browns, or tropical biome with a lot of greens and blues. In those cases I create a LUT. But you may also use other assets in the game with less appealing textures and a LUT tends to fix everything, like wearing sunglasses on a very bright day.

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