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Posted: Jan 10 @ 5:44pm

Dev shared a torrent of the game so those who can't buy the game for XY reason can play it.

Instant purchase for me.

As for the game, its fun from what I have played so far. Happy to support the studio.
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DiabloDBS Jan 17 @ 11:34am 
Well another assumption one could come up with is that the majority of people do not at all, or only after some time, write reviews.
dizat64 Jan 16 @ 9:13pm 
I bought this game because of your review of them allowing torrents. i support the devs for having the courage to do what so many are afraid of
February Jan 15 @ 11:29pm 
Just read an article about this 'torrent', and there they say the sales increased by 400%, but there are only like 10 reviews published, so jesus christ were the sales that bad (like only 3) that they literally increased by 400%? lol.