HITMAN! rustcall.com is a scam
Alex   Massachusetts, United States
https://discord.gg/hbrW2zM new discord, my other discord account got banned so i have to make a new channel as i can't do anything in the other channel JOIN COONS
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foltzy #LFG Dec 8 @ 7:00pm 
@HITMAN! shut up fatass
@foltyz i was only on moose to play with friends lol, i dont playthere and we got offlined but we hid loot like usual and they literally got nothing.... The people i was with had all their loot still lol
foltzy #LFG Dec 8 @ 2:27am 
nice base
I am unbanned, as I said it was a false ban lol. I never cheated :)
CRO Nov 27 @ 7:52pm 
appeal the false ban