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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 6:49am

School 101

Play till turn 13.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 8:01am

New Beginning

Complete your first playthrough.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 8:01am

Family Inheritance

Complete your second playthrough.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 5:54am


Acquire the Prize of Potential at the talent show.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 11:47pm


Acquire the Grand Prize at the talent show.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 7:55pm

Grab The Red Envelope

Obtain your first red envelope.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 7:06am

Class President

Become the class President
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 7:59pm

Richie Rich

Save up ¥1,001 pocket money.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 8:29am

Generation After Generation

Play through >5 generations.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 10:55pm

Persevere Through Generations

Play through >10 generations.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 9:50pm

Super Intelligent

Attain 10,000 IQ.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 9:56pm

Overly Compassionate

Attain 10,000 EQ.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 9:56pm

Extraordinary Memory

Attain 10,000 Memory.
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 9:56pm

Unbound Imagination

Attain 10,000 Imagination.

Fortune's Favorite

Win the lottery's grand prize.

Literary Genius

Win the top prize for your composition.

Lady Wooer

Attain an average intimacy of >50% with all girls.

Love Is In The Air

Attain >90% intimacy with one girl.

Highly Experienced

Collect >25% traits.

Die-hard Fan

Collect >50% traits.

Trait Collectionist

Collect >75% traits.

Collection Maniac

Collect all traits.

Godly Constitution

Attain 10,000 Constitution.