edward pisarek   Cinnaminson, New Jersey, United States
number one rule when being my friend: Don't tell me how i should play a game
If your friending me to advertise your crap lottery sites, ♥♥♥ off
Bio: The keeps to himself type of guy who is a good friend at his core. Isn't very hard to find. May of gone by the name squirtle00 on a different site
Likes: Good games, good laughs, good friend, good in general
My 3ds friend code: 4871-3395-0099
My switch friend code: SW-3026-4742-2234
Good, bad, im the guy playin the games
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Kalinka May 3, 2018 @ 11:48pm 
d--(^_^)--b Such a nice person . +reputation ! :luci3s::HappyBotBot::ZackFrog::RatsDiamond::m3handshake::tschernopizza::happyalien::tschenofries: