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Posted: Jul 7, 2019 @ 6:42am

Early Access Review
A review after a couple of hours and after the tutorial mission

It is not overrated, if I say that this is an extraordinary simulation and a great game simultaneously.
I am realy gasping for breath from the first second I enter the Type VII boat.
For a game - and I realy know a large amount and the history of this submarine-games over decades - this is a quantum leap of immersion. Right feeling and underwater-physics are realised here at a high level, never seen before.

This is by very far the best simulation of a Type-VII-Uboat, and may be its the best UBoat game too.
And I think this detailed simulation is exactly what most UBoat-gamer have desired in dreams over decades of gaming. I do so!

Knowing Silent Hunter 5 and the very good Wolves of Steel-mod, i was able to master the tutorial very fast alone as a single player.
I only need some few minutes of reading in the manual. The TDC-simulation, its just: Wow wow wow! What a fun!
I tested, if it is possible to manage the boat as a single player. It is possible! But it is hard work and you need a good plan.
But by far the most fun and the most immersion is it, to play this with friends who make serious roleplay!

++++ highest level of UBoat-simulation and realism in a game
++++ immersion
++++ multiplayer, cooperation
+++ sound

this is an early access-game! From this point of view, I dont see cons.
Here are only suggestions for the further development.

+ the game is ready for having much fun, but the boat is not completed (machine room, torpedo room ... )
+ for UBoat-beginners it may be a steep learning curve
+ younger people without technical background, who only search for fast and easy action, dont buy it!
+ there is no career-mission, it needs more content to be a strategic game too

I hope the devs keep up the very good work!
Two thumbs up!
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