¿¿¿   San Marino, San Marino, San Marino
just playing games lol

Hello guyd.Welcom to my chanel!!!1!1! C:

Ading rulez:
- can spek english
- min. lvl 69
- no begging
- comment for coment
- super duper pro mincatr gamer

Abot my:
Sex: a boy
Age: 21
birthday: it is on my bithday :DDDD
countyr= usa
like; play mincrat and pizaz
Not like: not play mincraft and no pizza
Want to b: famus yutuber
Gf; yes my cat george
Like plays: minecrat!

other gamer tag: superminecrtgamer69696996691

online - u can chat wiht me :d
busy - i busy, probaby play mincart
in a game - i play minerat dont distrub
away - ima Away
snoze - i sleep

grapic card: gforc gtx12.5
Monitor: microwave
Procesor: a potato
mouse: doesnt has one
controler: i has two, both are broked
other computer stuf: idk
Micro: wave
OS: hacked windows 98
Hedset: a cap and loud spekers
wheel: from lada Kalina
Fridge: beco one

Add me to frends and we play mincraft
I wont to be yutuber and play mincrat and pokmon go.
Subcsribe to my chanel: (b)superminecrtgamer6969699669(b

fun fact
Patrzę do chlebaka, a tam bułka.

.....hope it wasn't too cringy.....huh.....:steamsalty:

have [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] and never come here again

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I would like to make an offer for the saffron surfboard. I was thinking 50cr or 1 ncvr