Johnny Tham   Thailand
I've found what I've lost...
People actually think I'm cheating!

Ghofakhyohurself : is it for ur amusement
Ghofakhyohurself : or just releasing anger
Ghofakhyohurself left the game ()

Warrior | Tokyo's Most Wanted : sad for a player who cant even play without a cheat on its side
Warrior | Tokyo's Most Wanted : and a medic tries to defend its kind aswell

Remy The Furry Deer Pony : they needed aimbot so that they can search up insults for 9 year olds lmao

Xxsupergod21xX : fuck this i'm done playng with hackers and bot accounts

Yukie : rip this server filled with hackers XD
Yukie : yeah the scout definitely has wall hacks

Bill : I'm just gotta see you guys talk.
Bill : I'm watching 2 idiots saying pokemon.
Bill : Stop using your shotgun like please?
Bill : Shotgun peice of shit.
Bill left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Aspiring Sniper Main : you hackers
*SPEC* Aspiring Sniper Main : i dont need to spend time on fucktards like you

j9112007 : fuck you
j9112007 Disconnect by user.

Buttsecks : fuck you f2p
Buttsecks : prepare for cry
*DEAD* Buttsecks : nice hack

- cookie - : hmm

sashimi : okay chibai doggy

takung887 : การฆ่าชาวสิงคโปร์เป็นsingapore
takung887 : sucks mung kak
t3hnublet left the game ()

เต้แตงโม : noob
เต้แตงโม : face step
*SPEC* เต้แตงโม : hack : get the fuck out there and fight

reporting to muffin man : jesus christ are 2fort community servers always filled with shit-talking gods
reporting to muffin man Disconnect by user.

Bm0 : so u choose death?

LIKE A SAMBOOODEEE : is this guy hacking or just listening to my footstep

*DEAD* Friendly | hellcase com do you have idea : Wtf 2v1
Friendly | hellcase com do you have idea : You guys damn annoying sial
hellcase com do you have idea Disconnect by user.

coming loud! killed ่ with shotgun_soldier. (crit)
coming loud! : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

n. : this manboy is getting on my fuckin nerves
n. : this fucking guy
n. left the game ()

..? : fuck off noob

Papa Knifee Smurf : i see so u guys have hacks
Papa Knifee Smurf : script kiddies


T. Wong : nah this server has too much autism
appropiate face : rq?
T. Wong Disconnect by user.

*SPEC* squidward : i really dont understand why people hack
andrewjary : please whoever the hacker is leave or you could maybe stop hacking and actually use skill rather than relie on cheap scripts

*DEAD* its SIYEON : fuck
its SIYEON Disconnect by user.

phantomguy69 Disconnect by user.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) rq

*SPEC* $yze »Falbert : hey idle do u want to know why muslim dont eat pork?
idle : caus they are retarded?
*SPEC* $yze »Falbert : no becuz if u dint know a virus or bactiria live on them

pume : we go got bag?
true charge sleep bomb : wtf did you just say to me?

♥KÏRB¥♥ : bruh song seems to be hacking
♥KÏRB¥♥ : because those flicks
*DEAD* ♥KÏRB¥♥ : bruh
♥KÏRB¥♥ : these weird flicks
♥KÏRB¥♥ : hacker down
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