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Okay thanks for the helpful answer :winter2019happyyul::steamhappy:
One more question: Do you know if the Units from the DLC once it is finished can fight against the units from the normal call to arms game and if there will be multiplayer support for it, I mean ww2 multiplayer battle instead of the modern age.
First of all, I already have the basic edition, now I want to buy the ultimate edition. I found out the ultimate edition also includes DLCs, am I right?

Second, I would like to know if I will have to buy the new DLC seperatly once I bougth the ultimate edition.
Mar 2 @ 2:11am
In topic Does the devs still update this game?
Nope, they don't, even the forums are offline
Its been years since the game got a update or any fix or support from the devs..
evoholic why do you think 3rd and 4th night are the hardest? Why not the last night?
Jan 12 @ 11:40am
In topic Woodworkers Stop Working
maybe they already chopped all the wood in your hexagon areas?
Do you think you can do this? Has anyone ever done this?
its infinite
Jan 2 @ 2:01pm
In topic Tips on achieving Global Domination
Originally posted by bojianh:
Originally posted by Crowley:
Hi! Great Schematics, but isn't 8 the upper limit for Quasars and Megas?

There are 3 types of core:
1. Core shard (8 unit limit)
2. Core foundation (16 unit limit)
3. Core nucleus (24 unit limit)
1. I don't really understand, about what limit you are talking about. Do you mean the number of units you can produce of each tier? If so, I didn't know it changes depending on the type of core.

2. In your post bojanh you also mentioned core schema and that it should show up in the launch sequence if its 15x15 or smaller. But how do I add those core schemas? Are there like schematics, but for the core? With launch sequence, you mean the part where you launch to a new sector and can choose if you want a shard core or foundation core ect, and the amount of rescources you bring with you.
Jan 2 @ 1:39pm
In topic how to get kamikaze?
Originally posted by senornacho:
Sorry for the necro. I can't seem to get this work for the life of me. I load my ship up with blast compound and let an enemy kill me multiple times. I've even tried whittling down an enemy and attempting to land on it when it kills me. Did this get broken on the last update?
do you mean you do explode but the achievment won't pop up?
Originally posted by chaosbringer42:
No you cant. All the good mods have a bunch of factions under AI control, and they will beat you up if they have the chance.
so you are saying the will always attack us, not like in the foc version?
Me and my friend want to start a moded campaign against each other, but we don't want to do so many auto battles with the AI from all the other factions. And I don't know if the AI will often interfer with us attacking each other.
We once did a foc campaign against each other and the AI factions never attacked us.
Dec 30, 2020 @ 11:27am
In topic Game Lag and performance issues
Originally posted by Pingu:
Goto Task Manager click processes rright click the game's process and set affininty
Does it still work that easily?
Dec 26, 2020 @ 6:04am
In topic Colonists getting stuck
can you make a screenshot and post it, showing your colonists getting stuck near a bed?
Dec 25, 2020 @ 1:51pm
In topic Help! My campaign is broken
do you have any idea how that happend?
I estimate some of the 5.0 Units are avalible if you upgraid some units.
How many of 5.0 are there? And is there a upgraid unit tree somewhere?
What happend to the old bosses? Are they used in the new campaign maps and can you build them?
Dec 23, 2020 @ 5:00am
In topic WHY
Dec 13, 2020 @ 3:39am
In topic GUNS UP! New Matchmaking System!
Dec 13, 2020 @ 3:39am
In topic Does This game is Alive?
nope they are not

Originally posted by PUDIMBR8:
Originally posted by KLATTERAL DAMIJ:
Since around 2018 theres been around 110-150 consecutive players (Daily*) here on steam. Then you have to think about all the Playstation players (the majority of the player base) and standalone client players too. So yea, but nothing close to Destiny tier F2P numbers
But And The creators of the game, They are updating it?
Dec 10, 2020 @ 6:05am
In topic Is it possible to win?
Markets increase sunstone production too, don't they? Also I may have done a little mistake, because I builded 4 markets with I think a 40% or 30% bonus, but I didn't have the workers to keep all 4 sustained. Also do you rather build fences or walls? I think you safe some wood when you direktly build a wall instead of upgraiding a fence. Towers are also important.
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