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21. bře. v 0.04
V tématu „EPIC is not competition...
NiGHTSfan původně napsal:
if they just simply release their game on all store clients even the horrible uplay store and steam id be happy but not obsidean has broken our trust and screw the humble store cause were still forced to use epic games store so yea no one on pc will buy from that horrible store
It costs them more to sell on steam, so why should they?
Would you rather get paid $40 or $52, if it was your game? Remembering the customer pays $60 either way so it doesnt effect them?
20. bře. v 23.37
V tématu „EPIC is not competition...
I do not see the problem really. I guess after having to have multiple consoles for exclusives, having different apps on the same computer seems trivial and insignificant.
Now if a good game came out as a Mac Exclusive, then I would have an issue....
20. bře. v 23.12
V tématu „EPIC is not competition...
Epic does not decuct the extra 5% if you sell it on their store though.
So it actually is 35% vs 12% for those that use the engine on steam store.
Because they still have to pay Epic.
20. bře. v 22.53
V tématu „EPIC is not competition...
I think its also on the windows store if that helps. This is going to keep happening till Steam takes a smaller cut of the pie.
For games that run Unreal Engine, I believe on steam, they only get 65% of the sale. 30% for steam, 5% for Epic.
On Epic, they get 88% of the profits.
To be fair, I wouldnt sell it on steam either.
10. srp. 2018 v 4.04
V tématu „Error 83-MW1
I was getting it playing Solo. After a quick search it seems to be server issues, happened on consol launch too.
3. čvn. 2018 v 5.11
V tématu „Did they change difficulty?
Even if you picked Legendary Campaign, the battles were set to Normal unless you went into the Campaign Settings once in game and changed it to Very Hard I believe.
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