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Santa isn't real

My birthday is July 13th so get me stuff around then if ya want

Political Views

Donald Trump is the best president.

Women are natural-born caretakers.

Women earn the same as men, the wage gap isn't real.

Men, on average are physically and emotionally stronger than women.

The reason there are more white people in famous jobs, is because there are more white people than other colors, this is not discrimination.

Black people murder white people at a higher rate than white to black.

Most murders are caused by black people, even though there are less.

All lives matter, not just blacks. They don't have less rights, so there shouldn't be a group called black lives matter.

If someone is fat, they shouldn't be encouraged, they need to be told that they are fat, and need to excercise.

Safe spaces are fucking gay.

People have the right to practice and say anything they want, even if it is unpopular, unless what they are doing is illegal.

If you like your own gender, I don't care. If you think that you are a DIFFERENT gender then you are fucking stupid.

Pro-life. The kid didn't do anything wrong. It was your fault for having sex

Horde Of Ginger Kids: ducks are gay
Old Saint Pootis: no they are ducks

unironic cuck
Pokey: cause you are and i dont wanna be left out

Do not be racist; be like Mario. He's an Italian plumber, who was made by the Japanese, speaks English, looks like a Mexican, jumps like a black man, and grabs coins like a Jew!

Smug Elf Scunt: hey guess who's being a major cockwomble
Smug Elf Scunt: IT'S JOSH
Smug Elf Scunt: IT'S JOSH
Randalf The Autistic Elk: guess whos still on english homework suffering
Randalf The Autistic Elk: IT'S JACK
Randalf The Autistic Elk: IT'S JACK
Smug Elf Scunt: oh fuck
Randalf The Autistic Elk: save me
Randalf The Autistic Elk: send help
Randalf The Autistic Elk: im going to die


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This is actually an awesome game. The Idea of attempting to track down a giant beast in the woods at night like on those T.V shows is super appealing. To begin with the atmosphere set by this game is so thick. The fact that a majority of the game on at least the Ross Lake map is in the dark and during a rainstorm really makes the sudden appearance of an animal or Bigfoot himself that more scary. And before I continue I must really talk about the star of this game, Bigfoot. The sounds of him really fit and although the model is very impressive (which is understandable compared to the rest of the animal models) it really does feel like he is a real Sasquatch coming roaming the woods when you see him. This game is also a very fun game to play with your friends in a third party platform like Discord as currently there isn't anyway to communicate in game without opening a chat. I think unless they add a voice chat in game then something like Discord is the best way to play this with friends. It is a lot of fun to track down Bigfoot and make traps with your buds along side you. However this game isn't perfect. Like I've said before the models of this game could use an upgrade and the map does need a bit more life. I think adding some animal ambience like birds of even putting birds in the sky or adding the sounds of frogs in the swamp would make the game feel a lot more real. Maybe even some ingame events to add more life too like a pack of wolves or a bear fighting Bigfoot or Bigfoot catching a deer. I do feel also that the Glacier Park map is a bit too bright and could be a bit darker at night to make it more spooky. I do think this game could also add a couple new gamemodes. Some of my ideas include one where you play as Bigfoot or some new maps. An Australian one with a Yowie could be nice. There could even be more monsters like the Mothman, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Loch Ness Monster, a Lizard Man, or even a Werewolf. This game could also be so much more then just Bigfoot if you really wanted. Overall this is a really fun game that I highly suggest and believe could be turn into something great.

PS ~ Bigfoot ate my A$$!
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