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System's CommonWealth Apr 16 @ 10:50pm 
GG = Get Good ladies, next time dont try to hide the cheap hax. GL
Sadgey Mar 23 @ 6:10pm 
signed <3 :csgob:
rak Mar 13 @ 7:38pm 
damn ig smurf > apparent cheater?
Bond, James Bond Mar 7 @ 5:43pm 
I don't play with:

a) People who have pages of people calling them a cheater.

b) People with such bruised egos, they care more about ADR than winning rounds for the team.

c) People who are so easily triggered when their lucky kills are called what they are, lucky!

So no, keep your friend request kid.
Bond, James Bond Mar 7 @ 5:03pm 
I'd say possibly walls as well, but I honestly just think this kid is lucky AF. They're not good where it counts, and suffer from a delicate ego. Perhaps that pushes them to toggle "help", but who knows. Focus more on the game kid. It's not about ADR, it's about your team winning rounds.
light Mar 7 @ 5:02pm 
aim like a bot and no skill