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I want to commit delete System32 of my life.
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panagiotis pol Nov 15 @ 2:55am 
1gnis Nov 15 @ 2:52am 
Just saying your question was fine but don't add the second question.
Explain the question a bit more. Yeah?
panagiotis pol Nov 7 @ 7:58am 
@ Iansan5
I don't know the guy even doe he is on my friend list lmao
Why we h8 ruskys.
1. Low IQ ( hold Site "CT" they rush )
2. Low Logic that come with there low IQ
3. Bad Ping ......
4. Bad microphones
5. Bad computers Lagers
6. Do not speak english
hzberg_ Oct 31 @ 12:38am 
As you can't delete System32 on your PC, so you can't delete it on yourself too.