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to1nou : im afraid
Fuks : he's waiting to be 1vs4
Fuks : then one deag all

Pettis abeba baba‎ : senqu next pro player
ViipeXx‎ : turn off u cunt man
乇爪ㄖ‎ : obvious faggot ass small dick stinky jew
Leijoon‎ : nice toggle you little shit
jutsi =D‎ : silent aim or trigger bot strong here
JokerS‎ : snequ cheater
✪乇ㄥ乇匚ㄒ尺ㄖ‎ : senqu boosting service ?
FizzRaps‎ : the aimlock is real.
HOSSAZERA‎ : he knows everything new legend ^^
xxtentakel‎ : look at this aimer xD

every game same shit, just stop it :v
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nice players gj
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vac in 3days gg
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cheater ?