Nightmare Freddy
Parker   Monroe, Michigan, United States
i am 14 years old

but i do have a discord account Ankylosaurus

and i dont have a youtube channel

and i have school in the fall

and you gotta tell me why you add me
i have rules i have 1 dont sexual harassment in the chat
2 dont harassment my friends and me.

Birthday: august 5 2005

im also in 8th grader
Currently Online
Nightmare Freddy Jul 29 @ 9:36pm 
welcome to the freakshow
Cheezy Dawg Jul 13 @ 8:13am 
another shet show
Lamar.B.James909 Jul 12 @ 8:12pm 
♥♥♥♥♥♥s suck i love fnaf
Nightmare Freddy Jul 5 @ 1:05pm 
um hi bonnie
Hey there
Nightmare Freddy Jul 3 @ 12:21pm 
and nobody joined my group