Gabe   Washington, United States
Hello! My name is DadiGaby, I own a Highlander Team, if you wish to join that team I would love to hear from you leave a comment for the Highlander Team. Have a Great Day!

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Got 210+ hours on spy and comp experience
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Amazon Jul 16 @ 5:41pm 
can you add me?
Amazon Jul 16 @ 5:15pm 
im the co-learder your vs today add me asap
Nick Jul 14 @ 1:24pm 
I have 180 hours on spy and have competitive experience, please add.
s4vi Jul 14 @ 12:46pm 
Willing to join HL team as spy Main (if u don't have a spy yet), I posted a reply in ugc forums. I have no comp experience but 1300 hrs as spy