Edu   Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Here I am!!! My name, Edu, from Spain. I'm glad to be here sharing a little part of my work. Thank you so much to all my followers, friends and all your comments and support; means a lot to me. Kind regards!!!
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Whitesider Jul 9 @ 4:32pm 
Thank you very much my friends @CT_Marauder , @Doh_265 your words mean a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Whitesider Jul 9 @ 4:30pm 
Wow.... what a beautiful comment @Waggy thank you so much for your kind words!
Doh_265 Jul 9 @ 10:47am 
I'm sooo sorry to hear this my friend!!! You put so many and huge smiles on faces of thousands of peolpe, with your beautiful and incredible creations!!! I hope it helps a little bit through this hard time, and i hope someday your smile and creativitiy come back again!!!
In thoughts we all are with you my friend!!!
CT_Marauder Jul 7 @ 12:55am 
Very sorry to heaar aabout your parents Whitesider I hope through these difficult times in your life you smile more aabout the happy memories than the bad ones! Take care of yourself as best you can!
Waggy Jul 6 @ 1:05am 
Your artwork and screenshot gallery is a collection of beautiful, fantastical, fun and masterfully built wonder lands. It's a heroic expression of the power of human imagination and dedication. You inspire my tired soul with admiration and optimism against the surrounding forces of destruction and malice. You are an artist in the highest sense of the word.
Whitesider Jun 30 @ 11:08am 
I would like to thank for all the expressions of affection I have received after the death of my parents. It has been a difficult month and it is time to continue. Thanks with all my heart!