An edgy 9 year old   Afghanistan
-Don't mistake my kills for luck...
-Don't try to out edge me you'll lose
-I don't give a single fuck whether or not you have cancer or not, i will spam you if you like anime... faggot
-Hurt anybody i'm friended with... and I will show you the TRUE meaning of pain, I don't care where you live, i will find you
-i don't give a FUCK if you're better than me at some game, so don't brag about it to make your tiny penis feel bigger than a mm
-I'm not on the good side of the emotional spectrum right now, so DON'T try to mess with me.. or you'll regret it
-Yeah, i'm from afghanistan, don't mess with me i've already fended off those little punks called Isis, hell most of the them ran in fear, so you know who you're messing with...
-I don't give a FUCK about heaven or hell, i'd rather feel pain beyond pain, than be pure...
-I love: MLP Equestria Girls, and no, friendship is magic is shit so don't you dare fucking mention to my face. FNAF, it's great and you know it and matpat, markiplier, and jacksepticeyes are BOSSES, i also love undertale, and if you say it's bad i'll give you a bad time...
-I hate: Filthy frank, he's literally retarded, LIKE WHO GOES OUT IN PUBLIC AND YELLS MY DICK IS BIG, it's not like it's sarcasm and satirical or anything, undertale haters, mlp haters, fnaf haters, and so called "mature" people who say fnaf is full of fags...

Fav music type: metal, and rock

Ok, if you read through this whole entire thing then congrats, oh and if you think i'm actually an autist who hates filthy frank and all that shit, i'm not, i'm juat being sarcastic becaue why not.
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