IT'S A LIGHTISH RED NOT PINK GRIF-Donut (Red Vs Blue)   United States
Sup Guys. I'm the one, the only, the notorious Negative.
I'm a chill guy, I don't ever get salty, just triggered.
I'm a pretty weird person, just like everybody else.
My favorite youtuber is Markiplier.
I like CS:GO and Gmod.
My fav anime is DBS, yes I think it's good it's my opinion ok?
I may be awkward at first when I have never met you, but I will get more normal the longer I know you.
This is a very long summary, what am I doing.
Why do we exist, why am I here, why am I creating this?
I have been on steam for about 2-3 years, I think.
I'm not a very forgetful person, I just say I forget to get out of trouble.
I'm partly serious about RP, but I mostly think it's stupidly good. which is meaning I like it right? RIGHT?!
Welp this is a very long summary, i'm gonna end it in like 4 lines.
I'm Georgian, no not the state, yes the country, it exists look it up.
It's right below Russia.
Don't judge my weirdness. I'm more of a communist than a capilatist, thats how much I hate it, and it's not because i'm Georgian (A.K.A Russian)
Scoopidy Scoop my dudes, Scoopity Scoop
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