umri v kruv
die in blood
Everyone wears a mask, I just chose to create my own.

Behind every mask, is another mask.

Trade link:
Barney from Black Mesa Jul 13 @ 6:13am 
+rep the ̶w̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ best spy I've seen
P-Profa Jul 12 @ 1:00pm 
thanks, darling! Let the Baron curse your soul!:mr_dead::steamthumbsup:.
umri v kruv Jul 12 @ 12:11pm 
Well, as you wish buddy ;p
P-Profa Jul 12 @ 11:54am 
Please, add me to cheater list. Ty
Roov Jul 10 @ 2:32am 
+rep trader traded me a new wife for my vintage bills hat would recommend but pls approach w/ respect :csgo_loser::cozyklei:
mzrt,. <3 Jul 8 @ 4:37pm 
+rep :iloveu: