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If love is just a word, then why does it hurt so much if you realize it isn't there?
Eclipse 4 hours ago 
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Want to see a magic trick?
Once I wave this magic...
( Warning: Magic Staff Battery Critical :Low_Battery: )
Don't mind that...anyway, once I wave this staff,
I will vanish right before your eyes.

Now you SEE me,
and now you...            Still do...
:embarrassedh::magicalstaff: :Low_Battery:                   :em_boom:  :terrifiedh::magicalstaff:

That's BULLSHIT!      Noooo! Look at me!
:terrifiedh::magicalstaff: :Low_Battery:                   :em_boom:  :smilepoop::magicalstaff:

I SUCK at this            Seriously!?
:smilepoop::magicalstaff: :Low_Battery:                  :em_boom:  :jdvacuum::magicalstaff:

SCREW this!             Sigh....
:jdvacuum::magicalstaff: :Low_Battery:                 :em_boom:  :screw::magicalstaff:
oOcOnFuSeD 20 hours ago 
:butterfly: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: :butterfly:
:ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :darekoisakura: :arrow: :darekoisakura: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover:
:lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely:
:lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely:
:lovely: :lovely::darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely:
:lovely: :lovely: :lovely::darekoisakura: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely:
:ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :darekoisakura: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover:
:butterfly: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover::lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :lovely: :ZE_4_Leaf_Clover: :butterfly:
Have a nice weekend!
🌄⛩️ NOBLE ⛩️🌄 Jul 18 @ 4:47pm 
I once had a pet bowling ball :greenrollball: named "Applesauce".

Me and :greenrollball: loved to roll the streets, but one day he rolled off the sidewalk & into a gutter. Kids across the street laughed & started yelling "Gutter Ball". I felt bad. The next day, I went back there with "Gutter Ball, I mean :greenrollball:" & saw those kids again. Little did they know, :greenrollball: was a perfect size for what I had bought yesterday on Amazon

A fucking :cannonball_hw:

I gave :greenrollball: a kiss on his head, which is pretty much anywhere on him, loaded him into the "Tube of Terror", took aim and :literalfireball:

...but I completely missed the kids & instead took out a car, the entire first floor of the local school, Sam's dog Buxley & 38 trees.

Years later, I received a package. In the box and to my surprise, there he sat, all shiny & round...my :greenrollball:. Next to him was a postcard that read "Greetings from Australia". I found this in my yard"
¡RENX神 Jul 16 @ 5:49pm 
🌄⛩️ NOBLE ⛩️🌄 Jul 16 @ 4:24pm 
Want to see a magic trick?
Once I say the magic word,
this incredibly pissed off :gl_beast:
will change back into a cute little :sirkittens:

KABLAM              Shit, too BIG!

KABLAM-O           Shit, too MANY!

:embarrassedh::magicalstaff::toadpepe::toadpepe::toadpepe::toadpepe: :SparkleBubbles:              :SparkleBubbles:

Easy peasy lemon...
:zootiger::zootiger::zootiger::terrifiedh:         Shit, RUN!