ßäguette for drawing kewl pfp x3 pls gib him a liek thanks :)))))))))))))))))))))) +rep(rep^1000000000)

NEONTAILS bcuz he gave me le cool background and nicu items x3 he just such a cool guy ++++++++++rep(rep^1000000000)

If you don't want me to unfriend you, NEVER break the following rule, understand? Ok here: NEVER call me lak!!! It's lakU ok??? LAKU NOT LAK and also dont call me lukario or lucario. If you write my name with a big "L" kys and unfriend me please. Also never spell my name wrong. I hate it when ppl say OH HEY ITS LAUKRION

funny shit ppl sent me:

GAY BUM FUCKER EPIC LOLE69: you my good sir
läküriön: what
GAY BUM FUCKER EPIC LOLE69: oh sorry wrong chat
läküriön: xDD

Here u can c that milk is nit a magician:

erm..............(shh shh donut tel aNYONE) no im no magician just normal malk,..

A talisman to ward off evil trolls: n.png


la-la-la kurion!: because you spammed and i tried to talk to ppl
Dragonborn: Lol
Dragonborn: Talk
Dragonborn: TALK
la-la-la kurion!: i cant
Dragonborn: To this
Dragonborn: Beasts
Dragonborn: It`s not a people
Dragonborn: ANIMAL
la-la-la kurion!: xD
Dragonborn: This idiots
Dragonborn: Want play
Dragonborn: To winter
Dragonborn: ITs been like
Dragonborn: 21+ man

a random hater :(

Dope: get a freaking life
Dope: cuz u r the worst pvp player ever i seen
laku rion: lol the worst pvp player kills you
laku rion: looks like you're the worst now
Dope: the worst pvp player have like 2k hours played pvp
Dope: i have like... 3 games at pvp? XDDD
Dope: wigfrid dont need farm to fight
Dope: wick yes
Dope: and u have hp/sanity reg
Dope: fcking garbage
Dope: get a lige, but care when u go to street
Dope is now Offline.
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