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Pls first leave me a message of what you want before sending me friend invitations. Cheers!~
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Bandet Jul 13 @ 8:03am 
Hey love your aesthetics! Can you make a ship for water mod 3?
Boudewijn Jun 28 @ 7:20am 
regarding the ♥♥♥-2B Rover and the power. I copy pasted the blueprint and started driving around for a bit, but after a min or 10 power cut out. Its obvious that the blueprint does not contain that much ice and no full battery, and (not sure on that) probably the H2 tanks also are not full, but together with using the H2 thrust it went quick. I did have all the power consumption elements active (full lights etc) so might have overdone it a bit, but the builds I usually use have an excessive amount of reactors/batteries and the sort.
VincentFFVII Jun 26 @ 6:26am 
:sehello: Dude, all your crafts are amazing. I wont denied i was looking all over the place if you made some drilling machine but i see you are more focus on combat, still everything you make is really Dope
Korvatus Klok May 14 @ 9:52pm 
I sent you an invite. I really could use some pointers on taking epic screenshots like you do. I'm getting ready to release my Edge class cruiser and I really want to sell it.