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20 nov. 2017 à 12h42
Dans le sujet Disappointed with STEAM LINK
neo_bpm a écrit :
Yes I know that's impossible to get a 100% smooth experience, but this afternoon i got to play really well buging the SL config, but I can't repeat it, I want a solution to the problem that I have with the "In house streaimng" option because when is activated, the overall PC performance drops a lot, something affects directly to the resources.

I tried to do all and more, turn on/off nVidia encoding, CPU encoding, connecting with HDMI, turn on/off ShadownPlay, etc. and I only got one time a near to perfect experience buging the config this afternoon.

Well, it´s possible, but not with the link.

Try to set your pc network card to 100Mbps Full Duplex. It helps with some configs.
20 nov. 2017 à 10h17
Dans le sujet Disappointed with STEAM LINK
Dude... forget it...

I sold mine. Slouken(the programmer) does not care about the issue. He buries his head in the sand and it's done.

I think that steam link drops the frames that are too close to the next vsync interval. The same issue happens with moonlight game streaming, but there's a workaround by the autor:

The fact is: some people don't care or don't see the issue. For others, like me, it makes games unplayable.

Better to buy a shield tv or an android tv and install moonlight.
27 juil. 2017 à 14h57
Dans le sujet Samsung TV Steam Link Worldwide Release Candidate
Steam app does not work with the steam client beta. After the pin is inserted, nothing happens on the tv, but it pops up a windows to install steam audio drivers. They install, and appear on windows devices, but streaming does not work.

Had to opt out of steam client beta.

I've always had stuttering issues with the steam link. With this app, i disable nvfbc but leave nvidia hardware decoding enabled and i have no stutters. Well, only one or two every now and then. Nothing like before.
9 juil. 2017 à 13h00
Dans le sujet Complete trash
Grulemugg a écrit :
It is NOT complete trash, but your post is my newbie friend.

Steam Link just isn't for people who lack knowledge. Thats not an attack on anybody or anything, it's just that you really have to know how to set up a high performance wireless network. Also, you have to have some kind of basic understanding of how a TV works compared to a PC monitor. People who ask for 4K and more than 60 FPS kinda don't get that.

If I had one wish it would be including a scalable UI in Steamworks (so that Steamworks games gurantee for an option to change the size of the UI, including text size)

(Note: if you are an nvidia user and don't want to read the full post, read at least the last paragraph.)

The op does not need to have knowledge setting an high performance wireless network since is using pc and link wired.

People who ask for 4k clearly don't know that the link has a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ processor that can only decode h.264 at a maximum of 1080p, so you see the low price when its on sale.

But even with everything connected on an ideal setup, the quality is simply not that good. The worst thing about the link is not the hardware. Is the software. The encoder internal settings are not optimal, and even on maximum settings set on link options, it's very easy to see the macroblocking on dark scenes or looking at the sky and moving the camera, on any game.

Then you have the stuttering. It can be minimized, by lowering quality, disabling vsync and reducing bitrate, but it cannot be eliminated.

Most will say that they have the perfect experience, that it's the best thing since frozen pizza, that it does not stutter, and quality is awsome. Well, good for them, but i really doubt that's the case. I believe they simply are not used to framerate consistency. And never tried anything else to say that the image quality is awsome.

Like, some people play without vsync and with variable framerate. They see 90+ on their framerate monitor and they think it's awsome(and using an 60hz screen...). Maybe it is, from an input perspective, but that is not a smooth experience. Screen tearing, framerate going up and down... that's not a good experience. But people say it's smooth as silk.

Like Nier Automata. Lots of stuttering because of bad framepacing. Most people don't notice it. I have to use FAR mod. Deus EX Manking divided. Another good example of a stuttering game with bad framepacing. But people think its good. It's not.

Regarding image quality. People think it's awsome. It's not. Try a shield tv, then we will talk. Never seen someone with the two devices and a recent gpu saying that the link has better quality(recently, may have been different a year ago, because shield also had stuttering issues that are long solved).
I remember a few years ago, when the sega saturn launched. I was playing sega rally at a friends house. A friend of mine said:"graphics are ok, but sega rally on the arcades is a lot better". I thought the guy was crazy. Sega rally was the game with the best graphics that i ever saw. Until i saw the arcade sega rally... I was just a kid and the arcades in my town only had street fighter 2 and cadillacs and dinosaurs and some neo geo games.

My point is, try not to go all in saying that the link is awsome and the user is not competent, because that is not true. I've had the link for some months, and fortunately i was able to sell it. But while i had it, I've tried everything on my reach to improve my experience, or make it at least smooth as the shield tv. I've tried wireless, wired, quicksync, nvidia ifr, fbc, software, nothing... Even the link connected directly to my pc. Sent lots of logs to slouken that has not fixed the issue. And now he ignores the issue altogether. Great customer support, by the way! And i'm a pc power user. I fix pc's for other folks and build pc's also.

There's only one thing that i would like to try, and i don't remember exactly if i tried that or not:

For nvidia users. The newest gpus have 3 power options. Adaptive, prefer maximum power and optimized power.

I've noticed one thing. On optimized power, the gpu has the lowest possible frequency for a certain load. Only when the load hits the maximum performance for that frequency the frequency is increased. And sometimes(a lot of times actually) that causes a brief stutter. When streaming that may, or may not, cause a lot of stutter on the stream (i don't have the link anymore, so i cannot test it).

To explain better. Imagine that the gpu can cope with the present load at 700MHz. Then it will work at that frequency until it reaches 100% gpu usage for that 700MHz. Then it will cause a brief stutter when it hits that 100% and then it will increase the frequency to, lets say 1000MHz. The same thing will happen if the load increases to the point that 1000MHz is not enough. Or the frequency can go down again, but that's not the issue .This on optimized power.

On adaptive, the frequency goes up with a load a lot lower, lets say 70%, so the stutter does not happen.

What i want to say is, for the folks that see stutters, on newer nvidia gpu's try to change nvidia power management to adaptive on nvidia control panel. Or prefer full power, but that will increase temperature and power consumption. Try not to use optimized power. Cannot test if it works, but will probably improve the experience.
For me it's the stuttering. I had the link for more than six months and the issue was never fixed. For people that are used to play with unlocked frame rates i suppose that's not a problem, but I'm used to locked 60 or at least, locked 30.

Steam link works well for a few seconds to minutes, then you have some stuttering then the cycle repeats itself. Notice that shield tv and a cheap android box with moonlight game streaming give me perfect results. And everything connected through ethernet. I suppose that most folks here have dejudder enabled on their tvs and don't notice the issue much...

You can minimise the problem reducing quality to balanced or fast.

Oh, and stream quality is not very good. It's ok, but not good. The shield tv has good quality. It's almost(almost...) undistinguishble from the pc. This one, well... lets says that image is a bit soft and the compression artifacts are very visible.

17 juin 2017 à 4h42
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible? a écrit :
My apologies for coming off strong there, I can understand the frustrations, more than you can imagine. My experience with the Link has also been 50 % troubleshooting and 50 % actually playing.

I've experimented with Moonlight-embedded on my Rpi3, changed the network card settings on host, and tried several command line combos, and I cannot get it to the level of smoothness of the Link. I guess it's related to the capture method. I wish the Rpi3 supported hardware h265 decoding.

Buying a >200$ shield device just for streaming games is not really an option atm.

No problem. I'm coming strong also, but it's targeted at valve. :D

Well, you don't need the shield tv. Shield is the ferrari of streaming, but i've bought a cheap android tv at gearbest for 42 euros, shipping included, the mini m8s II, with a bad processor, an amlogic s905x, and using the build of moonlight that I've posted above, i have almost perfect results. No stutters, but just a little bit of input lag, unnoticeable if playing through ethernet(100Mbps full duplex on pc network card to avoid problems). But the moonlight developer is working to improve latency without any stutters. And supports h.265 and 4k hdr. I've installed a custom android buid on the box, but i think the results will be the same on stock firmware.

I've paid 37 euros for steam link on sale shipping included, and it only streams games. And it does not do a very good job...
17 juin 2017 à 4h23
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible?
daninthemix a écrit :
I no longer have any stutters with Steam Link whatsoever. I use NVFBC. I always ran at 60hz anyway. I did at some point upgrade my switch to one with QOS (which I enable in the Steam streaming options).

Either I became less sensisitive or between Slouken's fixes and the new switch the problem went away entirely.

At least it works fine for some people.

I'm very sensitive to framerate fluctuations, so i notice the slightest stutter... but for me, link always stuttered. Sometimes it's good for a few minutes...
16 juin 2017 à 19h16
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible?
Oh, i forgot something. If you are using ethernet and not wifi, it usually helps setting your pc network card to 100Mbps full duplex instead of auto or 1Gbps. Seems to help on moonlight android(allowing me to use bitrates higher than 25Mbps without stutters), but it doesn't improve much on the link.

One more thing. Steam link works better with vsync off. Moonlight with vsync on.
16 juin 2017 à 19h02
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible?

Here, if you want to test it. Only for android.
16 juin 2017 à 19h01
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible? a écrit :
@Bota: Judging by your rant above, you have an axe to grind with Steam Link. Very unproductive, trying to resolve issues here.

Now, on-topic.

I did some experimenting, switching to NvFBC capture method. This resulted in even more choppiness, until I limited games to 60 fps. I have a 144 Hz Gsync monitor, so all my games are configured to have No Vsync and no FPS-limits. Using the NvFBC capture method required me to fiddle around with vsync/fps limit to get a somewhat smooth image.

To double down on this theory, I installed Moonlight on my Raspberry Pi 3, and after some fiddling, and the same 60 fps/Vsync fixes, I got about the same performance as using Steam Link + NvFBC.

So Steam Link + Steam Capture (whatever the method is that doesn't use NvFBC) is the smoothest option here, but the original problem remains.

Yes, i am one of the most active posters on this thread, and you are right... is very unproductive trying to resolve issues here. No matter what you produce here(logs, testing...) issues are not resolved. Don't worry. You'll feel the same way after wasting more than 20 hours of your life trying every possible option on you side to fix stutters, then wasting some more to get logs to help not fixing anything. And then after realizing that you have thrown your cash in the toilet...

Anyway, moonlight, and gamestream in general, works best if you use vsync on and framerate cap at 60 fps(using rivatuner statistics server or something like that. Try that way to see if it work better. If you have an android device, like a smartphone, check the builds on the link to the moonlight forums that i've posted a few posts ago. The last one from cgutman gives the best performance.
16 juin 2017 à 14h35
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible? a écrit :
I hadn't touched my Steam Link in over 4 months, and when I tried it out today there was significantly more stutter than before. I played through Batman: Arkham Knight over streaming, but with the current build, I definitely couldn't.

Perf overlay displays 60 fps and no network lag (< 1ms ping), but it's definitely not smooth, very noticable when rotating camera.

So yeah, I guess +1 on this one.

Win10 Creators Update, GTX 1060, latest drivers.

What? Are you crazy? Steam link never stutters! It's smooth like silk!!! There are very few reports about about stuttering but they are only from people trying to stream with pentiums 4 and geforces 4 mx's. As you can see, in Gaben we trust, and he never let us down. So if there's a problem, then it's clearly on your side.

More, the legendary angel sent by Lord Gaben to us, Angel Slouken, has already improved the stability of the connection, so all problems are gone! As you can see, he already left the mere mortals on this thread and gone to heaven again, because it's job here is done.

And the image quality!!! It's like staring at the angels above!!!

Now really, it always stuttered for me. Things improve if i lower the quality to balenced or fast and drop the bitrate to 10Mbps. But image quality is already bad at maximum quality...(and before someone tells me that it's the same like watching the pc, try gamestream first).

So, yeah... forget it. I've lost hours testing this, sending logs, time that would have been better spent watching the grass grow, because in the end, things are the same or worse than before.

Slouken, that the community loves and call him legend, well, does not fix this and ignores this thread. Meanwhile, gamestream is smooth as ever(some people report problems, but they are usually fixed in 2 or 3 weeks, unless is a problem specific to one particular setup), and even moonlight gamestreaming has 2 specific buils that fix stuttering, although they increase latency a few miliseconds. So, yeah, I'm not particularly fond of slouken. He does not fix the problem and buries is head in the sand hoping the problem will go away. But he adds switch controller support, so we should love him, right?

I've solved my problem by buying a cheap android tv to put in my room and installed moonlight game streaming, because I have the shield tv on the living room. And guess what? No stutters!!! Yay!!!

I'm trying to sell my link for 20 euros. I've 2 people interested. Let's see... my only problem is that they try the link then come back to me to get the money back...
7 juin 2017 à 15h52
Dans le sujet How do I factory reset Steam Link
31 mai 2017 à 11h09
Dans le sujet Is a stutter-free experience at least possible?
slouken a écrit :
nick a écrit :
Vsync wont have anything to do with the steam link as its a video stream, except for adding a bit of latency.

Updated with some logs of ultimate chicken horse with stuttering every 30s (it does not show up in the graph).

That's weird, because it also doesn't show any stuttering in the logs. A frame is captured every ~16 ms and is displayed on the Steam Link approximately 30 ms later without any significant variation. Does this stuttering happen when playing locally? Maybe the game is rendering the same frame twice?

I've found this thread about moonlight stuttering.

There is a post by Cameron Gutman, the developer of moonlight, that says something about presentation time on android, and that if a 2 frames come very close, the vsync only presents the latest frame and causes stutter.

"With a presentation time, the behavior differs. If there are 2 frames with presentation times that land them in the same v-sync window, all but the last frame are dropped by Android's renderer. While certainly good from a latency perspective (since extra frames shouldn't pile up in the rendering queue), it causes this weird stutter if a frame is slightly delayed and the next frame comes in earlier than 16 ms from the previous one (due to the previous frame's network delay)."

This is from a post from Cameron Gutman.

Maybe this can be related to the steam link renderer, that uses linux, like android.
27 mai 2017 à 17h37
Dans le sujet Is it worth getting for 60 bucks?
No. It's main purpose is only to stream the game from your pc to your tv. Nothing more. You can install kodi and one or other emulator but it's difficult. Again, if you can connect the pc to your tv via hdmi, you're much better served.

If you can't, or if it's more practical to use wifi or ethernet cables, then is worth checking the link, altough i haven't had an very pleasing experience, due to poor image quality(compared to hdmi or shield tv) and image stuttering.

In my opinion, it's better to wait for a sale. I've seen this device on sale every 2 or 3 months. About 20 euros. In Europe. But the problem here is the high price of the delivery. About 16 euros to my country.

But really, it's your call.
27 mai 2017 à 13h34
Dans le sujet Is it worth getting for 60 bucks?
Oh. And link has a maximum resolution of 1080p.
27 mai 2017 à 13h30
Dans le sujet Is it worth getting for 60 bucks?
Yes, is different. With the steam link you will get stuttering, compression artifacts, a bit of input lag, and one or other problem that may appear.

It's good only if you cannot connect an hdmi cable directly to the tv. Like the pc is on the basement and the tv is on the second floor.

Image quality is acceptable but it's not good. Hdmi 2.0 has a bandwidth of something like up to 18Gbps. The link has a maximum bandwidth of 100Mbps. It's not even comparable.
12 mai 2017 à 12h09
Dans le sujet Xbox One S controller does not work
Battle Max a écrit :
This happened to me too. What worked for me: go into big picture mode -> settings -> controller settings -> check the box that says xbox configuration support.

I don't know why this unchecked itself - it may have been the Steam update. Either way, try that before doing anything too drastic :)

The problem is that if i sell this, i have to go to the mail to send it and to go again to withdraw the money... it takes a lot of time for the amount of money that i will get...(post offices in my country... it takes about 1 hour to do anything). So i'm just waiting for things to be solved...

But i am more than disappointed with this device. I have it for more than 6 months and guess the amount of time that i've spent playing? 0 hours. Literally 0 hours. I only did troubleshooting , to see if the stuttering happened because of my configuration (don't ask me how many different games and settings i've tried) and do some testing now and then to see if the stuttering issue is solved.

Now try to imagine my face when i fired up the link and now, even to see if the stuttering is gone, i have to troubleshoot the controller, that worked perfectly fine out of the box... in fact, it was the only thing that i thought the link had better than the shield tv...
12 mai 2017 à 7h06
Dans le sujet Xbox One S controller does not work
Well, i had to unpair it and pair again on the link, i had to turn on xbox configurator on big picture mode, i had to go to the game menu on big picture and in controller settings disable the "use desktop settings for launcher" and on the controller configuration on big picture i had to select "controller mode" to make the game recognize the controller as a controller on the game instead of a keyboard and mouse... and even so, sometimes the game recognizes mouse and keyboard and switches to controller mode in game... easy to spot, because it disappears the controller buttons in game and appears keys(ex. A replaced by E).

12 mai 2017 à 6h21
Dans le sujet Xbox One S controller does not work
IOM The General a écrit :
Works fine for me using the bluetooth on the new xbox 1 pad. Try using a wired mouse to set things up on the steamlink for your controller.

I can't seem to get it to work... will try later today.
12 mai 2017 à 5h33
Dans le sujet Xbox One S controller does not work
Yes, it is enabled... I´ve managed to work but it works like it´s emulating a mouse and keys... So the native support for xbox one controller is gone.

I already loved the steam link, now i want to marry it...

I don´t understand anything about programming, but i think that an important thing when adding stuff is not breaking the stuff that was working well on the first place.

Great job!
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