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Posted: Sep 21 @ 9:15pm
Updated: Sep 25 @ 6:36am

This is legit a really fun game,I keep getting mindblowned by the gameplay and the Suits movements,it feel great to play,already got called a hacker so I love it even more now

Edit :been 3 days, still not able to earn credits to get the units i want that are just straight up good,now every pay boy use them online,and its not so fun anymore
Too many bugs now,too greedy,can't unlock free currency,timegate locked,ranked still don't work,but hey the shop askin 40$ to get 5 units sure is functional,whales can enjoy that at least I guess.
Sure gameplay is great,but EVERYTHING around it? Suck ultra hard.
I don't earn anything playing this game as a free player,not even SMALL amount of currency.
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