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Unlocked May 19, 2018 @ 2:58pm

This is MY Story...

Rename the Main Character.

Start Of Something New

Prologue Completed!

James's Proposal

Get Proposed to by James.

Erik's Kiss

Kiss Erik under the Moonlight.

Sam's Acceptance

Accept Sam for the Man he is.

Matthew's Cake

Share some Cake with Matthew.

Damien's Humanity

Give Damien his Humanity.

So Long, Sweetie...

Be Eaten Alive by Diana's Pit Beast.

Suzu's Love

Prove Your Love to Suzu.

Naomi's Love

Go To Paris with Naomi.

Andrew's Proposal

Get Proposed to by Andrew.

My Freedom

Obtain True Freedom.

My Kingdom

Obtain True Power.

Pure. Innocent. Ignorant.

Be Baptized by Angels.

My Adventure

Start your Adventure with Diana.

Curiosity is in the Family

Find Harold Anderson's Magic Books.


Fight Malix Yourself.

Dad Approves

Impress the House Party Guests.

Can't Catch Me!

Dodge Malix in time.

That's It For You...

Get Shot in the head by Malix.

Behind The Curtain...

Witness Simon's Transformation with Diana and someone special...

It's Okay To Say No.

Turn down sex, but keep your true love.

Green Apples...

Unlock the First Set of Bloopers!

Someone Get The Caramel!

Unlock the Second Set of Bloopers!

To Be Continued...

Preview the start of Seduce Me 2: The Demon War!