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If you are browsing through my profile concerning DBD you may want to know a few things.
1. Im a legacy player
2. You play toxic and I'll reciprocate the action (whether you facecamp, vault the infinite window spots, etc)
3. I just want to play a good game and have fun
4. Whenever I play killer and only 3 people or less have spawned in, I will disconnect from the match, as I do not take any enjoyment out of a handicap
5. since I play killer as well, I dislike camping survivors as it leads to generators being done if the survivors know what they are doing, and I only patrol (at the minimum) or facecamp (max tolerance) when I chase survivors around an infinite vault spot, as it feels monotonous to me and doesnt really feel satisfying after I finally catch them since I would have wasted my time.
6. As I said before, I just want to play some very enjoyable games and it doesnt matter the outcome of those matches as long as everyone had fun ^^
7. BEFORE I FORGET TO MENTION, I respect the 4% off the hook since it rarely even happens (except for the one match on Rotten Fields against Wraith, where all of us got off the hook first try xD)

8. Favourite Perk builds to run on Survivor
(Side Note; I will sometimes switch my name so it matches the build I will be using from this list)
"Sneaky Ninja" - Urban Evasion, Quick and Quiet, Iron Will, Diversion
"Gen Jockey" - Self-Care (or No Mither), Resilience, This Is Not Happening, and Technician
"CHASE ME" - Decisive Strike, Adrenaline, Self-Care, and Deliverance
"Vault God/Goddess" - Self-Care, Dead Hard, Resilience, and Spine Chill
"Empath" - Empathy, Botany Knowledge, AutoDidact, and Borrowed Time
"Stalk And Then Pebble" - Diversion, Stake Out, Self-Care, and Object Of Obsession (If I have a Flashlight I'll equip Streetwise instead of Object)
"Selfish" - Decisive Strike, Lone Survivor, Self-Care, and Left Behind
"KOBE" - Up The Ante, Deliverance, Slippery Meat, and Iron Will
"The Plunderer" - Self-Care, Pharmacy, Ace In The Hole, and Plunderer's Instinct (sometimes I’ll take No Mither instead of Self care for the LOLZ)
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NP932 Feb 17 @ 12:22pm 
+rep good nurse
Hex: Will to live Feb 16 @ 3:59pm 
3k hours and still plays nurse. ||Omegalul||
666 Feb 5 @ 3:29pm 
+Rep, gave me a heart attack. Thanks dad!
13sm65 [GER] Feb 5 @ 3:00pm 
-rep plays nurse, and does play not really fair.... tunnling, camping a few and more.... isnt a gerat killer in dbd.:cleanhourglass:
DShadowLord Jan 30 @ 5:33pm 
and as an added bonus, I came back to Dead by Daylight a few days ago around January 22th after being gone for 2 months since November 11th I believe, and I am really rusty as both a survivor and Killer, so If I tryharded I apologize however Im trying to get back in the swing of things
DShadowLord Jan 30 @ 5:30pm 
Hence my current predicament of not being able to stream.... or would you rather playing against someone with extremely high ping??