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Jun 21 @ 4:38am
In topic Random Question
Originally posted by Casanova:
K+M or XboxController for playing this game ?

I played through the Tutorial Island with keyboard and mouse and switched afterwards to my Elite Controller. It's fair to say that you can play through the Game with both if you take your time.and get used to the Control System and do not rush it.
Originally posted by Snip:
Originally posted by Tiudyr645:
It was on sale here several times and even the season pass, which hasn't been on sale on any other platform. I bet they're waiting for the summer sale.
Season pass has been on sale on consoles and Steam, but not on Uplay witch is really ♥♥♥♥ed up !

Originally posted by hellhoundninja34:
I'm deployed so I must have missed it. I just got some steam cards and I was hoping to get it. I can wait until the next sale then.

That Season Pass Sale on Steam was done by mistake and Ubisoft fixed that a couple hours after everyone was spamming around that it was on sale.

Here, take a look at it:

As you can see in the timeline it back then was not even running 24h before they (Ubisoft) took it down, so many couldn't get it with the discount because Ubisoft had fixed it by then already.

While this is being said i still do not believe that they will put the Season Pass on sale since the Pass does contain Assassin's Creed III REMASTERED & Assassin's Creed Liberation REMASTERED on top of the Assassin's Creed Odyssey content.
I think you two do not understood what UBIFroggard meant.

If an Tool like Easy Anti Cheat is delivering an False Flag it's of course an issue with EAC which you could report to them as an Bug/False Flag/... with an DxDiag File attached to them so they are able to look into what might cause it if it comes to the ASUS Tool or if something else is causing that issue.

While this is being said ASUS has a history of being now and then getting Flagged for some of their Driver "Features" since ages.

I still remember the days when they had literally an build in Wallhack for Games like Unreal Tournament/Counter-Strike and where even promoting those openly so do not be too much surprised that one of their Tools get flagged again.

But at the same time I would like to add a small critic if it comes to what wrote:

Originally posted by UbiFroggard:

Instead of linking to the Main Page it would have been better if he had linked straight to the Reporting Page of EAC:

That way
Originally posted by 𝕸𝖆𝖝𝕯𝖔𝖔𝖒:
would have probably better understood what He or She has to do to report this issue to EAC.
Jun 5 @ 5:04pm
In topic Achievements not tracking?
I would like to report that this issue is still not fixed for any "Deal a total amount of..." achievements.
May 28 @ 8:54am
In topic Planned discount?
During the Live Stream it was mentioned that the Discount will be -40% for those that already own SpellForce 3.
Apr 28 @ 6:51am
In topic Digital Copy of the Game (Beta Version)
Originally posted by AussieMark - playing Warhammer C:
can anyone share videos on steam or broadcast??

I wanna see

The Prelude is on Steam, why not just play it on your own instead watch it?.


or on the Steam Store Page:

It's listed on the Page as Demo but the Demo is the Prelude Story.
It`s hard to give you an advise if it comes to what you (or your Dad) could look into without knowing some of your System Specs.

As far as it goes the AnvilNext 2.0 Engine that Ubisoft had been using for Games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (GRW) or the two newer Assassin’s Creed Games has indeed an higher demand then for example the Dunja Engine that is being used for Far Cry Games.

Specially the landscape in GRW and therefor the foresight of those can easily melt some of the older four core CPU then you would expect it because of the size it does have to render.

If you compare it to Games like Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Snowdrop Engine) and/or Total War: Warhammer II (TW Engine 3) you will notice that those Engines usually render much smaller langscape and instead use the saved System Power to render more Details (Units, Interior,...) at an higher Detail Quality then you could encounter at GRW.

The only advise that i therefore can give you is just the usual you probably have heard a couple of times.

- Tweak the InGame Settings till you get solid and stable frame rates. It won't help you at all if you get now and then 60 or more frames per second when your average frame rates are in the 35-40 Range.This can be deadly in some of the bigger gun fights.

- Have at least 8 GB or better 16 GB installed in your System so the Game doesn't have to constantly use the Windows Page File

- Use an SSD instead an normal Hard Disk.

Sometimes the difference between Mid and High Settings are only visible on an Screenshots but can save your life when you are in a Firefight and do not have the time to count the Pixel on the screen or move smooth enough because your lagging like an rodeo rider because of the constant frame rate issues.

It pretty much comes down to this:

Stable average Frame Rate > Quality Settings
Apr 10 @ 6:42pm
In topic Any chance for Nintendo Switch version?
Originally posted by Link3000XD:
Originally posted by Cosmic Beard:
Any chance for the "definitive edition" quality of life changes being patched in for the PC version too?
arent they in?

Nope. The Game hasn`t seen a single Update since 2017.
Originally posted by JimmyTheSaint™:
Originally posted by TorrentGamer:

Yeah, just realized. Still the Game is being sold overpriced in India, does cost here more then in Europe or the States which does proof again that Bethesda is leeching those countries that do not have much at all.

They are pricing lower in China, Russia and several other regions. So they are pricing lower for different regions, just not your region I guess.

It`s not about being sold lower, there is no logic explanation (besides greed) why Rage 2 does cost 13.50% more then in the US or something like 3% -5% in Europe.

This is the first time as far as i remember that Bethesda clearly screwed up. If you look up the other Games they usually had an Regional Price that was either close to the US or Europe but never above it.
Mar 31 @ 7:40am
In topic Metro Exodus 3rd party site keys
Not really surprised that Deep Silver is able to cause even more Drama after the Game has launched already. This whole Game Pre-Launch phase was such a wrecking Publishing Festival ahead of the Launch that there had to be something coming afterwards to get the Game again into the Media and on their front pages.

And here we are, well played...
Originally posted by JimmyTheSaint™:
Originally posted by TorrentGamer:

The Game is being currently sold at ₹ 4,799 and the RAGE 2 - Deluxe Edition at ₹ 6,499. No clue where you are pulling those ₹ 1,999 for Rage 2.

From the link the OP posted. I listed the Russian price. You are comparing a different currency.

Yeah, just realized. Still the Game is being sold overpriced in India, does cost here more then in Europe or the States which does proof again that Bethesda is leeching those countries that do not have much at all.
Originally posted by JimmyTheSaint™:
I dont know what OP is seeing, but on the link provided Rage 2 is 1999 ₽ which is roughly $30 USD. Thats half price. Same price as the link provided for Left Alive.

The Game is being currently sold at ₹ 4,799 and the RAGE 2 - Deluxe Edition at ₹ 6,499. No clue where you are pulling those ₹ 1,999 for Rage 2.
Mar 21 @ 3:52am
In topic this is 505games fault, not remedy
It`s probably 505Games trying to make sure to get their invested money back. The Epic Games Deal make sense from an economic perspective. It does suck as an Steam User that stays as far as he can away from anything Epic is calling a Store but in the end bills need to be paid and since Quantum Break was not really an System Seller on PC and Control too might be a tiny bit of an niche Game I can full understand why they did it.
Mar 21 @ 3:49am
In topic Will the game be coming in 2020?
Yes, they already mentioned that the Deal is exclusive for one year.
Originally posted by Fritz the Dog:
And the streaming ban (if it's true) seems to indicate that they knew their product wasn't good...

It was not an Ban. You could Stream it on any Platform. What was not working was Streaming out of the Box on the PlayStation if it comes to YouTube because of some technical issue but Streaming to Twitch or through an Third Party Device like from Elgato or Avermedia worked without a Flaw back then and none of those Streamers were banned.

The Game is crap but the Media pulled that "Streaming banned" out of their ♥♥♥ since you could back then easily verify that at the same time a lot of people in Japan were Streaming it on YouTube/Twitch without risking a Ban at all.
Mar 5 @ 9:42am
In topic CRASH ! LOL
Originally posted by Salomena:
i have a bad toaster win 10 16 gb ram only 1080 nvidia gtx and a low SSD 120 gb HD

Thanks. That the first real helpful comment in this thread since the rest of the posting are as helpful as ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ against the wind as long none of them post their Systems Specs and we can try to find out if it's an issue with Nvidia Cards or if Systems with AMD Cards are too affected.

I`m currently still downloading the Game and probably won`t play it till later today but as far as it goes i too use an Nvidia Card and will report later back if i am having too an Crash after the Intro.
Mar 5 @ 9:35am
In topic CRASH ! LOL
Originally posted by Salomena:
When the intro ends..CRASH back to windowws lol

Specs of your Toaster?.
Originally posted by lubossek:
Do you think Season Pass will be on sale on Uplay soon, when it is now 50% on Steam

It looks like the Season Pass Sale was an mistake from Ubisoft since they removed that Sale again from Steam.

As far as I remember Ubisoft doesn't had any plans to put the Season Pass on Sale since it does contain the Assassin's Creed Odyssey + Assassin's Creed III - Remastered.
Feb 25 @ 10:43am
In topic FPS drops 1080Ti + I7 8700
Tried the Game with V-Sync On/Off?.
Feb 25 @ 10:37am

And on top of that Jason Schreier said too that it's a Fake.

Case closed. Thread can be closed by the Staff.
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