Zach   United States
(RF)Pascal775 : Im 90% sure Zachas is aimbotting

bitonhans9 : zach is wall hacking

Mako-Sama™ : the blu snipers got vacs?

Sketchiest Object : It's always that one guy that tries to beat the entire server as sniper

*DEAD* perkinsjames4939 : hax lol

*DEAD* Λstrix : between dank and zachas i can't handle theirs too much power

Λstrix : zach chill the fuck out

*DEAD* AKdarkness48 : hacks

DirtFaceSFM [] : zachas let them get out of their spawn atleast

II PMC II : cheats\

Donator+ aussie. : dumb hacker
demon milk : CHEATER
demon milk : hes zach

Including this because it made me smile, plus they are all friends of mine.

demon milk : only way to beat zach
(×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : If I dropshot you 1st try, will you be upset?
demon milk : is to use smg
dreamteamrox115 : go for it
*DEAD* dreamteamrox115 : and u did
*DEAD* dreamteamrox115 : it
*DEAD* (×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : Airshot dropshot
dreamteamrox115 : first try
demon milk : did he get it first try
demon milk : thats a rip

Mink : damn zachas good snipr
[ADMIN] Azrael : ik one of the best i have seen

ThePhoenixFamiliar : ...Why are you kicking him? lol
Undercov3rBoss : you can't just kick someone because theyre better than you

cancerouscry1 : zachas what are you?
[ADMIN] Zeref : hes a god

mechawreck's wrangler : and theres zach cauallity destorying the server

HackosaurusRekt2014 : hacsk :)

A D u c k : waat
A D u c k : why kick
A D u c k : xD

A person : hack
*DEAD* A person : hacker
End white culture... : he isnt hacking

J-Diggy : Zach clicks fast

Trap NGS | Bob Ross : you always have the one sniper who is god tier and never tells tips to become good sniper

*DEAD* ุ : zack is a god

Jerome : we entered his domain

*DEAD* kublai kahn : zach is insane

Google gamer #1 : zach is a god so
*DEAD* ItsYaBoiChipsAhoy : zach how did you get that good

(Me Just joining a SVS server)
(zats) : why zachas
(×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : What?
*DEAD* (zats) : its already unfair

TundraN : mr swipez of snipin
Necro : scary gud

Google Chan : zach is almost to his 3rd 40 streak
Google Chan : oh yea mango btw zach is basically a god so
Google Chan : will he hit 70?
Google Chan : he did it
Google Chan : zach is basically a bully XD

Apple JacobGundy : it's the cgl hacker guys

*DEAD* MouseCurds : good god zach calm the hell down

Crunchy Napkin : Holy heck
Crunchy Napkin : zachas you're pretty good
Crunchy Napkin : You're a great sniper.
elminester : after they nerf sniper
Crunchy Napkin : This may sound like an odd question but, do you have a Youtube channel?
Crunchy Napkin : Your name sounds familiar.
YodaGaming : lol
(×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : I might
Daddy : bruh
YodaGaming : 0_0

*DEAD* Fuck you :P : cheater
Ron♥ : ur so good tho
(TEAM) goto yak trap : why your so good?
*DEAD* Ron♥ : how to be like u?
(×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : I played a lot and practiced a lot. Right now I'm just warming up
(TEAM) (×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† : I have 1,500 hours on sniper
(TEAM) goto yak trap : warming up? wtf so good man

fauni : this is rape

West : are the the last boss of snipers
Mrs. Puffs : damn youre good

[NuKes] ︻デ═一 Nuke18(GA) : zach your a mad man
Bung : zach is a god.

bayaresh : damn zach you made him rage quit
bayaresh : you still got it

NigWard : haces*?}

*DEAD* Smurf : yeah im legit hacking
*DEAD* Smurf : dang
*DEAD* Smurf : you are a little sus to

I Am The Scout Here! : Zach, why you so scary?

ツ✮SavSad✮ツ: nice hack
ツ✮SavSad✮ツ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

phasewhy : im not specing bc i think your hacking but bc i wanna watch you

Кріжовник : lmaobox

somebody : yo dude who is a fucking god how many hours you got?

Гэй : hack?

happy phish : dude you are god

Bearingtonn : hax

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despised icon Aug 21 @ 1:54pm 
hi mate, im willing to give a good offer and a overpay for your tf2 items, please add me if you're interested to trade, have a nice day!
(×çGL×)ˢᵗ†Zachas† Aug 21 @ 6:59am 
You guys are too kind.
Cheezy Dawg Aug 18 @ 9:31pm 
he is ambot he ned chet to haev skil
+rep honestly the best sniper i've seen. If I were to compare an aimbot to his aim, his aim would surpass the aimbot. gg man.
*_* Aug 13 @ 8:34pm 
omg cheerleader tryouts ? sign me up <333
wonder Aug 11 @ 5:21pm 
added for (×çGL×) tryout.
KingJunior Aug 6 @ 5:40pm 
This guy has aim like a GOD