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Sep 3 @ 6:57am
In topic Three big suggestions
A key to ready, so you can just click R and be ready.
Names on shirt, like numbers
Different fonst for the names or numbers
Thanks for the explanation, I just want this game to be played more :)

Love it! I'll sponsor anyway
Jul 25 @ 2:29pm
In topic Racing Car shirt numbers?
I know a lot of people who only play racing soccer, it has potential
Shirt numbers or team car skins isn't a great add and they can promote a lot
I noticed a lack of players in the last months, before there were so many. Then I saw on Steam that Ball3D is 0,79 €

Thats the answer: I know that u need to earn from it, but how can u earn from a game without players? I think that if Ball3D weere free2play there would be more people

There is no visibility in a game which is a sub-category (I love this game, but thats a fact).
This game needs to be free, please. Bring more people on Ball3D
Jul 3 @ 12:32pm
In topic Sprint
Just to be balanced, or just remove it

In my opinion the sprint in racing soccer must be nerfed because is very very very OP, please
Jul 2 @ 11:30am
In topic Sprint
Just a few words on the new add: the Sprint (disclaimer: i play it on racing soccer)

Great idea! Very nice mechanic of the game. It just needs a few nerfs:
- it lasts too long, so now everybody just sprint the whole time (like there is just a speed boost) so I would make it last like a real sprint 1-2 seconds
- too powerfull, maybe it is better the 70% of the boost that now is

As always, thank u :)
Jul 2 @ 11:26am
In topic New Update killed the game
I just support the game i like :)
Jun 28 @ 12:02pm
In topic New Update killed the game
Thank u too

Love this game, don't let it sink :)
Jun 28 @ 11:56am
In topic New Update killed the game
right now that there was a community that play only racing soccer? It is not "just for fun", there is teams only playing racing soccer

i love that game, i love ball3d, i also spent a few money on it so pls just don't destroy it. there is lots of people who play other gamemodes. The addiction of sprint is clever, compliments! :D But if classic can be competitive, racing or basket can also be that

It was the concept of ball3d, the versatility. Ball3d not Soccer3d. Now im alone in racing soccer room that nobody find anymore. Sad yeah?

Potentially racing soccer can be another great game, make a different one then. so u can focus on classic soccer only or racing only :)
Jun 28 @ 11:27am
In topic New Update killed the game
except for classic soccer, now you need to search in a mixture of "others" room or even have to create a new one. Which means that if nobody create one, then nobody see that a mode exists. So a lot less players in these modes obscured by classic soccer

Make a different game instead :P
Jun 28 @ 8:26am
In topic New Update killed the game
What kind of update is this? It killed all the gamemodes except for soccer.
What about all the players from Racing soccer and others?

Very very very disappointed. I paid for that?
Jun 9 @ 11:07am
In topic Racing Car shirt numbers?
In the used car model there is a 4 on it. Why don't make the shirt numbers on? Maybe even on the roof :D
it would be great
May 6 @ 1:21pm
In topic Long Term PRO
How do i buy a PRO longer than 1 month?

Apr 18 @ 9:52am
In topic Racing soccer tournament?
Can we have a racing soccer tournament too? 1v1 2v2 or 3v3
I think it would bring a lot of people on and higher the level of the gamemode :)
Just wanted to say, i think racing soccer is a nice game mode. Well done!
The ratio between ball speed and players speed is very good and realistic, it give u time and more manouvers to do. Also collision is more realistic, in real footbal u collide, u don't jump on opponent's head XD

Very nice,, thanks for the work! Hope it will get even better :)
Mar 27 @ 6:27am
In topic Make discs move faster
discs are really slow, a lot slower than the ball itself. So if someone shoot hard you have to travel slowly in the whole field, and thats boring
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