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:Nepgear: Ran out of stuff to put in this account, feel free to add me I guess :Nepgear:
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:Nepgear: Hello, I have no real intrest in doing anything productive, you want to play TF2 with me? Its all good with me, you want to play DST or other random games, then I will be up for it, I have nothing better to do anyway :Nepgear:

:Nepgear:Dont Bother Adding Me If You Are:
:health: Lvl 10 or Below ( there are a few exceptions )
:health: You are VAC banned
:health: Have the intention to waste my time or just inviting me randomly

:Nepgear: These Are Games I Play Cause I Have Nothing Better To Do:
:health: TF2 :balloonicorn:
:health: Don't Starve Together :DSTghost:
:health: Town Of Salem :Tenshi:

:Nepgear:Stuff I Commonly Do On Steam:
:health:Help Test Mods For Don't Starve Together :DSTportal:
:health:Do Random Stuff On TF2 ( Casual, Deathrun, VSH ) :medicon:
:health: Talk To Friends :Reimu:
:health: Waste My Time Playing Random Games :Kanakosama:
:health: Stay Stuck To " Intense " Games For Hours On End :KomeijiSatori:

:Nepgear: What I Do In General:
:health: Play Games ( pretty obvious )
:health: Lurk Around Steam Workshops
:health: Try To Find Decent Games :Tenshi:

:Nepgear:I generally just do nothing in my spare time, just doing random stuff on games that provide no real benefit to me or my time that I wasted, but if you choose to, I have no problem speaking to people:Nepgear:
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I wonder how much the person paid to get the dolls + the beer
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This game is really fun and hard at the same time, I guess I will list the pros and cons:

Good Graphics
Good Story
Amazing Artwork
Provides a true challenge
Amazing Spellcards
Requires a smart mind to beat certain parts
Challenge mode if you beat game
Unique shot types as well as C-C-Combo sets!
Inspires play styles for a variety of new players
Translated for English Players
Don't require a strong computer to play the game
Requires a lot of timing and skill to get stuff done

Everyone is wearing PADS
Unless you played Touhou Luna Nights, it will take you some time to get used to controls

Overall, I highly suggest buying this game if you are reading this, no seriously, go buy the game, it is fun, challenging, and enraging, also contains a nice boat :D
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[h1] Sanae Kochiya, the Wind Priestess of Moriya Shrine in Touhou Project, now comes to the DS world! [/h1]

Sanae is a human, the Wind Priestess of Moriya Shrine, but she is also a distant descendant of the Suwako Moriya, one of the goddesses of Mo
308 ratings
Created by - Hansard and Time
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Created by - Ping Pong
104 ratings
This is a guide to help new or intermediate sniper players learn the various methods of survival against more powerful classes and perservere during hostile conditions.
Scaredy-cat Oct 12 @ 9:53pm 
Whowie. :demoticon:
I hope all is well now, I'm always happy to help others. Have a lovely, day or night :ghsmile:
Windows 69 Oct 11 @ 7:58pm 
Nep Nep
Neptune~ Sep 28 @ 6:43am 
Hey Vert! Why do you have to insult me like that?...On another note, hey Nepgear, how have you been? (This is a comment about friending you. Will you accept? And as far as games go, I'm not entirely sure about that, but I don't plan to waste your time if I invite you. Uh...If you friend me of course.)
Vert Sep 22 @ 9:31am 
Not as flat as Neptune... +rep
Shispooky 🎃 Jul 16 @ 5:53pm 
FRIGGIN' silly
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