Catzilla GamerYT
Cat   Jyvaskyla, Western Finland, Finland
Hello i'm Catzilla. I draw alot, and yes i do draw for others. If anyone wants me to draw to them it costs 1 ref (Also you pay first to make sure nobody is actually scamming me), Friend's dont have to pay tho. Usually if anyone want's me to draw you can ask in discord. :>

Usually i take 1-4h Depending on the shading or other complications. Also there is this possibility my tablet's battery dies but that wont happen probably.
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Catzilla GamerYT Jul 19 @ 5:18am 
(Scammers dont have a bublic backpack) [Slides a tf card to joona] (wipers* Here)
Joona14 the Hedgehog Jul 19 @ 5:02am 
Catzilla Likes cats (if that isn't obvivous) And doesn't scam.
Catzilla GamerYT Jun 25 @ 6:19am 
If ya didint allready notice that catzilla looks fluffyer thats cuz thats me as an catzilla (i added that scarf cuz i'm in finland cuz well winter and all that)
Catzilla GamerYT Jun 25 @ 6:17am 
allso on this hidden chat thing i show wip stuff :D in the discord i have to give you the role that you could go there so you know (animation is hard)