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Welcome to my profile!
Few things you should remember: Im quite salty, and I enjoy playing as the support classes (mostly sniper)

Age is 12

Gender: ???

I play deathrun, mostly outpost, but I dont actually enjoy it, made a mistake joining it

I got a youtube channel (yes its cringe but its there): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPURie9sCTqkCCeUMBspdCg

plus I hate Rng/luck

nothing else :p

sniper is op

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Info + fav quotes
Welcome to my profile!

Btw if you're wondering im already in a team

As some can see, I removed my quote wall but its not all lost, I have the entire wall of quotes on the google document link (17 bloody pages)

Anyways a bit of information:

In game: Im basically open to any invites or requests, however if you see me in a match then I may be late to respond, I normaly tryhard a ton and its not easy to play while chatting.

Online: Probably about to get on tf2, or any other game. If not then im just watching youtube on my phone or computer. So if I dont respond then im probably on my phone, or eating.

Away: similar to what I said on the online part, except that I probably wont get on any games for a while. If I don't respond then im probably doing something else

Busy: I never set my status to busy, but whenever I do, please don't send any messages, unless if I forgot to set it back from busy to online.

Offline: uh

Now about me: My original name used to be Csp gaming, but now its csp, and I want to keep it as csp

Age: 4

Gender: (who bloody knows, I can be a sniper rifle if I wanted to :D)

What I do for a living: sniping and sucking at tf2

Favorite game: Team Fortress 2. Its my most played. It has 2000 more hours on in than my 2nd most played (rocket league)

Am I salty: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

what's my 2nd favorite class: Medic, hes fustrating to play as but still rewarding as hell, spy came close

Get a life: sorry can't

Enough about info, here are some of my favorite quotes from the whole quote wall (so far at least):

Me: its 9:10 for me
Kibo: no its 21:10 (10:10)
Kibo: i use 24 hour clock because im smart
Kibo: wait its actually 9:10
Me: Woow

Froondly Hoovy : pls ban cow
Froondly Hoovy : kick
*had my name as cow at the time*

*DEAD* CoffeeCake : WOAH
*DEAD* CoffeeCake : the hitboxes in this game are a wonder

RomeO : red team was cheating
Cerbiac : ?
Un1qu3Us3rnam3 : TRUE
bed : how
Cerbiac : You sure?
Holland : HOW
RomeO : these people has been fucking around with the respawn times

*on discord voice chat*
Kibo: is it making your cspp go nuclear?

*DEAD* × Gremlin × : Csp is aimbotting
*DEAD* Ms. Anon : damn sniper
*DEAD* × Gremlin × : Csp is aimbotting
*DEAD* × Gremlin × : kick please

*DEAD* Sun : Csp :C
*DEAD* Sun : bad sniper
Csp : no u


*DEAD* Sir_Reigner : csp is actually hacking

*DEAD* d e l i s h : hey csp
*DEAD* d e l i s h : fight like a real man
*DEAD* d e l i s h : and not away from the scene
Csp : uh ok

*DEAD* Lady Black★Rock Shooter : absolute mad man
*DEAD* Spooky Soldier : 'scuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor
*DEAD* Killer2305 : alexa this is so epic play minecraftcito

*DEAD* ? biscuits^^ : is that cheating i see?

*DEAD* Darilex : NICE HACK

*DEAD* brian : fucking aimbot

*DEAD* OverLord Pilf Duncan : I hope you die of lung cancer

*DEAD* Jewish Food : a team with hackers won?
*DEAD* Ada'ven : yep
*DEAD* Jewish Food : What a fucking suprise

*DEAD* Firmest : That name makes me wanna die

Kibo: ah fuck i just coned myself

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No I’m not

He hacked my account to get to some of my friends just like he did to me
Cspp Jan 13 @ 3:49pm 
I got that type of scam quite a lot from other people (none worked on me). But if its true then sorry about that, stay safe
Moosetato2030 Jan 13 @ 2:39pm 
He's working together with S H E L L O O O (On his friends list.) They were trying to pull off the "Steam Fraud Prevention"/"Steam Community Assistance" That kinda thing. Think they were trying to go for my aussie.