Magic [⇄] S>Ooze Nuke
Gabe   Berkeley, California, United States
Hey, I like tf2. I main sniper and I like trading,
even though I’m honestly really bad at it. Click view more info if you want to see other info.

Please comment before adding me,
Or I will not accept your invite. If your inventory/profile is private you will be automatically blocked.

Number of times people have attempted to scam me: at this point I can’t even count.
I know every trick in the book, don’t even try.

Trade link:
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lak4e Aug 16 @ 5:43pm 
added to offer on ooze nuke :)
added for trade
offer sent
Magic [⇄] S>Ooze Nuke Jun 21 @ 12:22pm 
Probably around 130. Negotiable.
Coot Jun 21 @ 12:17pm 
whats the lowest in pure ull go for ur pullover?
小憩 Jun 19 @ 2:30pm 
love you