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When i was a child my mother did not allow me to eat as much she only fed me lunch, I had to get scraps of my friends and unlike other kids i didn't have to finger the pringle can to reach the last one chip that is how thin i was, on Sundays i`ll stay with my grandma, I loved grandma`s she feed me well and took care of me, one day at home i sneaked in the kitchen to get food and my mother caught me she grabbed me by my hair and flung me on my bed and started to whip me with the belt *WHIP* *WHIP* lucky for me i enjoyed getting hit i red on my mothers magazine its "kinky", when she raised her hand to whip me she started have a stroke i didn't know what to do so i decided to run to the kitchen and eat as much food as i can and then decided to call the ambulance.

I was staring down at my mother as we were riding in the back of the ambulance van and she held my had and said "Jovan, Don`t eat", then she passed away.

For some reason i did`nt cry at her funeral i dont know why.

Later that week i was put at my grandmothers house and i opened the fridge and cupboard and seen FOOD , BUT i had a flashback of my mothers wished and contemplated for a second then snapped back and ate as much as i could, later in the week i put on 20 KILOS and now i have seen my fate and my destiny was to eat as much as i can.

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