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Posted: Feb 23 @ 10:23am

Look, here's the deal with this game. It's a great CASUAL game, but when you get more into the tournament setting the game just becomes pure ♥♥♥♥. Let me explain. Brawlhalla in its core is amazing, you have tons of characters with cute cosmetics, diverse weapons and the unique signatures with every character. You have tons of mobility (more than any other game) 3 jumps, a recovery, the ability to dash and dodge with an insanely low cool down time. This mobility was the thing that initially brought me to the game, and was the thing that made me quit playing the game. Again, let me explain. With all this mobility the game has become a poking match between you and your opponent, which in sense slows the game and makes it the most boring ♥♥♥ game you can play. Just be aggressive then......... Yea good luck with that 1.2sec and 2.3 dodge cool down. Look here's the main point of this review/rant. This game is amazing, but only played in a casual setting. I don't think i'll ever be able to put this game down forever, but for now it'll end up being played with the all the boys along with the smash series.
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