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Posted: Aug 18, 2019 @ 7:33pm

I finally finished my first round of the game and came to say Einlanzer was a beautiful surprise! I am 50 yo and love these types of games, but only rarely get one that is so well-rounded. Often there is disappointment in one or more aspect of these games but, not with Einlanzer. The story, combat system, towns, side quests, maps, characters, and difficulty were all spot on. The journal and maps were extremely helpful since I don't always recall where I was after putting it down for a bit..

I was sufficiently frustrated at times and enjoyed the challenge of choosing what people and equipment would help me survive an area or boss. The huge variety of equipment features and the skills of the users gave endless options of how to take on each area and its beasts. All were definitely do-able, though, and very satisfying once I found the right combo to beat them.

Because of all the choices you make that affect the gameplay and outcome, there is definite replay value and I look forward to seeing what ending I get next time.

Great game! One of the best I've played for sure.

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