Welcome to my profile!

Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is W4YS3R!. If you added me because of a Modeling/Texturing job, look at the Section Below where you can also take a look at pricing. If you have added me to trade, look at the Trading section below.

Comission Section:

-Price Base: 25 USD
-The rest will be negotiated

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Yaboi 5. Okt. um 17:23 Uhr 
Ayy fam! I added in regards to P.M.s
Richard 3. Sep. um 14:55 Uhr 
Hey Mate.
Sorry to be a pest.
But I messaged you on dm's and didnt get a response. But do you know when you will be accepting paid models again?
Captain Rigby 31. Aug. um 15:08 Uhr 
I'd like to add & talk to you regarding a Model Commission
Neon 21. Aug. um 7:47 Uhr 
no1 cares jaffa
W4YS3R! 21. Aug. um 7:43 Uhr 
Well, my ISP is wrong and so is my discord. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to associate myself with Ukraine, especially since we annexed those bois back in WW2- But I mean sure, if your selfesteem is so low that you have to make false accusation without significant proof, then sure. I also find it funny you mention „kids“ when I myself am not of full age yet. Either way, maybe you should take some meds next time you feel depressed and lonely again instead of slandering others.
DARK SMITH 11. Aug. um 19:07 Uhr 
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