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Personal Achievements

Killer Bronze

Win 5 PvP battles.

Killer Silver

Win 50 PvP battles.

Killer Gold

Win 500 PvP battles.

Loser Bronze

Lose 7 PvP battles.

Loser Silver

Lose 75 PvP battles.

Loser Gold

Lose 500 PvP battles.

City Defender Bronze

Win 5 fights against bosses.

City Defender Silver

Win 15 fights against bosses.

City Defender Gold

Win 30 fights against bosses.

Tycoon Bronze

Gain 500 teeth in battles.

Tycoon Silver

Gain 20000 teeth in battles.

Tycoon Gold

Gain 250000 teeth in battles.

Fortune Seeker Bronze

Gain 5 inventory items.

Fortune Seeker Silver

Gain 25 inventory items.

Fortune Seeker Gold

Gain 100 inventory items.

Body Builder Bronze

Get character's level 5.

Body Builder Silver

Get character's level 15.

Body Builder Gold

Get character's level 30.

Leech Bronze

Beat out 1000 HP in battles.

Leech Silver

Beat out 20000 HP in battles.

Leech Golds

Beat out 1000000 HP in battles.

Donor Bronze

Lose 1000 HP in battles.

Donor Silver

Lose 20000 HP in battles.

Donor Gold

Lose 1000000 HP in battles.

Legionnaire Bronze

Reach league level: 200.

Legionnaire Silver

Reach league level: 1200

Legionnaire Gold

Reach league level: 4000.

Barker Bronze

Earn tooth in spin: 500

Barker Silver

Earn tooth in spin: 2000

Barker Gold

Earn tooth in spin: 5000