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Personal Achievements

Amulet collector!

More than a half of all amulets bought in the store!

Solitaire expert!

More than a half of the game passed with Excellent result!

Real banker!

More than 5000 coins accumulated!

Super speed!

Level passed perfectly in under a minute!

Outstanding combo!

20-card combo made!


You are at the very beginning of your journey. A world of magic and adventure awaits you!

Junior disciple

The first steps in magic are like the first steps of a baby learning to walk. But the more you train, the firmer your next step will be!


You shouldn't avoid repetitions during your training! The one who understands this will easily get ahead of his peers.

Senior disciple

Your hand cramps from constant spell practice, you see cards in your sleep instead of dreams. But there's no way back!

Junior assistant

You have learned a lot and come far, but this is only a halfway!


You have achieved another stage of skill, the magic world reveals its secrets reluctantly.

Senior assistant

The things that seemed impossible yesterday are not so difficult today. However, this is no time to rest on your laurels!


Cards follow your will, making fancy patterns. Only one step remains before you reach the summit of mastery!


Reaching empyrean heights in skill, standing on the very top, you can easily say - Magic is Me!