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4 scammers trying to add me in a week? I already got scammed once and I'm never gonna trade my unusuals even for one of those insane prices you give me
Welcome to my profile (74 KILLS)
about adding me
if you have a private inventory your blocked, if you have a private account your blocked if your profile is level 0 im not adding you
if you dont have any of these you can add me and if i have played with you you can add me

I am not giving any items for free

Sorry just making sure I dont get scammed again

If you want to trade with me or want me to accept your items just comment in my uh comment thingy

Good logs (phlog pyro with no medic help) (Backburner carryz) (brazil is a good map) (The classic Voidtrinity carry)

Stuff I did in 2018
Start to play medic often
Quit using the phlogistinator!! (Not in pubs though)
Get scammed :(

Thats it :c

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Mushin Apr 16 @ 9:25am 
Hey its me. So I've been playing this building game, I think it's pronounced tetrice. It's fucking rigged. I can't even build a fucking shape because every line I place disappears into thin air. Like, what the actual fuck? I think what is worse is that the ONLY way I can have a building, is if the lines have holes in them. How am I supposed to feel about this? I have major ocd. The game is a fucking troll. It's just thirsty for reactions. It even has a limit I guess, so when you get your building large enough, the game fucking ends. Forcing you to start over the madness. Don't play this game. Trust me, I've been trying for a few hours, and it is safe to say there is no work around for this shitty game.
dabeste :'> Apr 15 @ 1:34pm 
*funny and original comment passing through*
mezzo Apr 15 @ 10:28am 
Yes that's me
♫ WhispersFW ☮ Apr 10 @ 1:04pm 
Jones Apr 2 @ 3:36pm 
Hey now, you're an all star, get your phlog on..
CarryZ Apr 2 @ 3:34pm 
Ok :(