Patrick J
Patrick "Patrick J" Jensen   Denmark
My age is 14 years and i know i have a kid voice
My fav weapon is AWP
My fav pistol is CZ75
My role is entry and 2nd awp(ct). but i can also play main awp
Sens 2.05
My res ( 1920x1080 16:9 )
my mic is a razer kranen. it doesn't work vell(i vell buy a new)
My fps is 120-220(but i vell buy a new in summer holidays)
My faceit lvl is 3 and 900-1000 elo
My mm rank is DMG (but i am not playing MM)
My ESEA rank is C and yes i have -11 karma cuz all hate kids
My fav pro player is JW / Keev / bodyy / DeadFox
My fav semi pro player is Natosaphix
My fav team is North / BIG
My favorite game is CS : GO

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