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All the Best Memories Are Hers
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Welcome to my profile

:yennefer:What Lovers do?:yennefer:
:possession:My Tears Are Becoming A Sea:possession:
:joker:Legend Never Die:joker:
:summer2019city:M83 Shapes The Soul :summer2019city:
:valentinos:Fall in stars - live in nature:valentinos:
:hellblade:care about your Dreams:hellblade:
:evelyn2077:Be nice to everyone like Evelyn:evelyn2077:

i hope you have a great time:scribe:
here are some information about me

:summer2019city:i'm from iran
i play games with my friends,listen to soundtracks (game & movie) and some songs and i watch movie everyday
:angrytiger: i love cats
:hellblade: i like to help others
:sundrive: i like to hang out with friends

My best friends are:

:radio80s:My top soundtracks are:

:audiocassette:Blade Runner 2049
:audiocassette:Mission impossible Fallout
:audiocassette:The Dark knight Rises
:audiocassette:The Dark knight
:audiocassette:Batman begins
:audiocassette:King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
:audiocassette:Hell or High water
:audiocassette:The Departed
:audiocassette:Man of Steel
:audiocassette:3:10 to yuma
:audiocassette:The Thin red line
:audiocassette:Eternity and a day
:audiocassette:The Last of The Mohicans
:audiocassette:Matrix (1,2,3)
:audiocassette:Battlefield (1,3,4)
:audiocassette:Call of duty (modern warfare 1,2,3)
:audiocassette:Cyberpunk 2077
:audiocassette:Ghost recon wildlands
:audiocassette: and 200+ soundtracks album

:movie:My Top Movies Are:

:movie:Blade Runner 2049
:movie:Mission impossible Fallout
:movie:Lord of The Rings (1,2,3)
:movie:Avatar 2009
:movie:The Dark Knight
:movie:Into The Wild
:movie:127 Hours
:movie:Toy story 1
:movie:Shrek 1
:movie:Finding nemo
:movie:Star wars collation

:krcassette:My Top TV Series Are:

:krcassette:Breaking Bad
:krcassette:Better Call Saul
:krcassette:True Detective
:krcassette:Sons of Anarchy
:krcassette:Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi
:krcassette:Vaziat-e Sefid

:vaporwavee:Artists that i listen to their songs:

:retrowave:The Score
:retrowave:Imagine Dragons
:retrowave:Pixies (where is my mind)
:retrowave:Elton john
:retrowave:Nirvana (something in the way)
:retrowave:The Doors (The End)
:retrowave:Amurai Feat. Sean Ryan (Killing me inside)
:retrowave:Homayoun Shajarian (Avaz on Rumi Sonnet (Isfahan) )
:retrowave:Shahin Najafi (sade album)
:retrowave:Ali Azimi (Pish Daramad)
:retrowave:Mohsen Chavoshi (delbar)
:retrowave:Hozier (take me to church)
:retrowave:Chain gange of 1974 (sleepwalking)
:retrowave:Cigarettes after sex
:retrowave:Eddie vedder
:retrowave:Low roar
:retrowave:Ruba (The ordinary world)
:retrowave:Johnny cash

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sometimes to love someone you've gotta be a stranger
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MythZebeL Aug 4 @ 11:36pm 
"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose"
You will always be my friend like a brother
MythZebeL Jul 24 @ 3:49pm 
⟁ 𝘿𝙚𝙨𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙙 Considered this as a professional cuddle with your mom,
from your future dad:bfrecon:
I Am Heath Ledger Jul 24 @ 1:52pm 
Be a man and face the truths

is that ok to talk about your mom too?
so Don't bring the people in, have balls to talk straight
Now I should laugh at the nonsense you wrote in my profile or tell your mother
MythZebeL Jun 19 @ 8:52am 
"When everything went wrong two men had the courage to do what was right"
2555 days have passed but memories are forever rooted in my heart
From your old Friend : cpt.zebel
MythZebeL Jun 19 @ 7:44am 
“All the gods, all the Heavens, all the Hells are within you”