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SWTOR or called as Star Wars The Old Republic is finally on steam, so before this was on steam I had to install it via their website swtor.com and I began in 2016 and finished all the stories 2020. So why you reading this review well if you are into Star Wars universe and you don't have money to spend money swtor is a good choice since you have 8 classes which are The Jedi Knight, Jedi Councilor, Smuggler and Trooper for the Republic Faction and The Empire Faction includes The Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and Agent of the Intelligence both great stories they have. For beginners who wanna be like a humble jedi, saving the day and somewhat getting into space politics go with The Jedi Councilor but if you wanna go with a bang you have The Bounty Hunter and the Smuggler to play. But the best stories out of all the classes in my opinion was The Jedi Councilor it can be a little boring but it can get interesting. Now the last part I have to say about this is like any other EA game transactions there is a transaction where you can be a sub for a month and you will be leveled to 75 for the moment of this comment but for free to play you stay stuck I believe at level 55. But before you make an account I suggest use someones referral code which grants you with 7 days of subscription for free. When you decide to subscribe to the game for a month and the duration runs out you will be transferred from Premium to Preferred status with some drawbacks and some stuff remain as if you were a sub the major drawback is its credit cap which is for free to players and preferred is 1 million credits so before you hit this cap I suggest you go to your factions fleet and use the legacy bank which has a option to store credits and has no cap at all and once you become a subscriber you can access it and buy gear off the gtn. Or instead of using this you can use the gtn and buy something like a weapon or armor sets to give to your other character you made but that option is limited to the preferred status and subscriber rank correct me if im wrong.
Posted July 22.
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Early Access Review
Its Not bad game it cost 4.99 for getting gold since some severs recommend Gold only but if you don't wanna pay there is severs for you to play so i suggest playing the game. Rating 5/5
Posted December 19, 2016. Last edited January 14, 2017.
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