✪Space Pyro
Alexsander Søberg   Norway
13 year old live in norway.
I play Team Forteress 2, Fortnite , Overwatch.Unturend,Counter-strike global offensive,GarrysMod,farming Simulator 17 and 15
I play Team Forteress 2 Fortnite and Farming simulator 2017 the moste.
Garrys Mod unturend and Counter strike global offensive a bit.
I just wanna have fun i will se posetive on every game i will play.
Overwatch isn't a steam game same with fortnite but so you can join me at another platform.
I support the Fortnite and Team Fortress 2 community alot i love this 2 games and i will probaly love this 2 games forever.

My steam name:The name SpacePyro name is from Team Forteress 2.
But i like to be called Space when i play in game.
The pyro part is that i am a pyro main in TeamForteress 2.
SpacePyro is a mix of that many players have the name space the pyro part is to have a differens then the others even if it is many players that have the name spacepyro is probaly true but there is not to many.

Hope you like my profil i will see you in game.:sentry::steamhappy:
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East98 (East98Boost.com) Jun 14, 2017 @ 4:53am 
+rep amazing guy :D he buyd me Gmod ;3 and he is pro at Tf2 :< Plz add him hi is so cool :steamhappy: :steamhappy: :steamhappy: :steamhappy:
Elge! (Bælle!) Feb 17, 2017 @ 11:48pm 
Floak Jan 2, 2017 @ 12:40pm 
+rep awesome guy...and ty