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hello im platts the wolf im up to having meny freinds and i love gaming im not going fall for your scams and your fake freindships you think you can use me but you cant do enything you might try but i wont work from ones who use me in the past helped me build my self i have tons of art work i hope you enjoy the art work

see me at the web sights|

roblox []

my backpack []

my group is called weabo,wolfs,and anime it for sharing art work and more

:DSTghost:i hope you have a good time and don't be a jerk :DSTghost:
i got a new pc it is pretty good

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[test]Percy Jun 4 @ 6:05pm 
may suck at killing me but was able to kill me in the purging of blue +rep
Dozza Jun 3 @ 1:53pm 
supermm Jun 2 @ 4:36pm 
platts the wolf May 28 @ 12:15am 
Thanks dude
Tenko Chabashira May 27 @ 10:16pm 
Platts, your OC looks pretty cute! :sayaka_DGR::Ibuki_DGR::Chiaki_DGR:
platts the wolf May 9 @ 8:35pm 
Im a trader