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₩Â₹ĐØG Jul 20, 2018 @ 6:04pm 
Thats cool and all, except my AR-15 has four bipods, and 5 vertical grips. I have a acog that comes before a 40x scope so im sure i can hit targets from 5000 yards away I have a 200 round drum mag so I can shoot entire hordes of bad guys. oh yeah after my 40x sight i have a flip-up 20x sight so that when im out of ammo i can use the sun through my tactical optic to burn my enemies. not to mention my 37 laser sights and 12 tactical lights. My foldable grip has two settings, one that folds itself into an origami swan and the other setting folds it out of this plain of existence. It also has a 36 inch barrel with six bayonets and 3 grenade launchers. my suppressors have suppressors that make the sound go into the negatives for decibals. my weapon is easily more tacticool than yours so get on my level.