I will NEVER ask for skins or offer a deposit bonus. Our only twitter is @CSGORoll do NOT get scammed by people impersonating me.
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◖︎jeykob◗ 15 juin à 5h07 
Hello bro i would like to trade with you can you please add me? i have my knife on steam market after add i will withdraw it back :) M9 fade 90% 0.006 fv
fesu 30 mai à 4h13 
Endangered Pootis Bird 3 mai à 2h03 
I like how no one realises this guy has been offline for 400 days, its quite dumb how many retarded people there are
jello bunny 15 avr. à 17h18 
Hey I found a guy impersonating you. Just letting you know
✪ l3inghiMan 7 avr. à 10h23 
✪ l3inghiMan: ?
Chris: Can we use discord so you can choose clearly what do you want to be offee
Chris: Cause bro im handling a big and most expensive inv so thats why i private it
Chris: So can you make discord bro for a while?
Nina ?.) 2 avr. à 5h53 
do you want to give me skin just asking ? :)