Klaipeda, Klaipedos Apskritis, Lithuania
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smygolas would be proud
CrystallWhite [LT] Mar 10 @ 12:59pm 
💛+rep Trusted trade
💙+rep Good player and trader
💜+rep Nice inventory :D
💛+rep Great player
💙+rep Fast, Legit
💜+rep Thx for the code!
💛+rep Great AWPer
💙+rep Nice profile
💜+rep Best weebo every xD
💛+rep thx for the gift :D
💙+rep thx for the knife <3 <3 <3
💜+rep awesome guy
💛+rep went smooth and fast :D
💙+rep sold knife for keys
💜+rep thx for the steam code <3
💛+rep good teammate
💙+rep great, highly recommended
💜+rep trusted CS:GO player
💛+rep nice skins
💜+rep good game and thanks
💛+rep AMAZING dude
💙+rep Sold items, all good. Good trader.
💜+rep fun player!
💛+rep trusted buyer :)
💙+rep amazing teammate
💜+rep clutchmeister
💛+rep Good Guy
💙+rep Great man
💜+rep sold items for money, i went first
💛+rep awesome trader!
💙+rep fast and easy trade
💜+rep great trading skills and thanks for the tips!
💛+rep best gamer CS:GO
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-rep hacks
Cardboard Feb 23 @ 12:00pm 
+rep geras berniokas
Hodor Feb 19 @ 9:44am 
cheats, aim, wh